First Christmas Cold

Poor little Poppy, at four months today, has a cold. This reminded me of my sadness when Sam first cut himself.

Poppy and Mat arms and handsMat and Poppy

Our granddaughter spent much of the morning in her customary position on her Dad’s arm.

Poppy 2Poppy 4

After lunch, she perked up and, clad in her Christmas fairy outfit made by Granny, showed determined concentration in opening her sack of presents. (The photo on the wall in the third picture below is of Flo, the first Christmas fairy dress girl.)

Tess and Poppy 1Tess and Poppy 2Tess and Poppy 3Tess and Poppy 6Tess and Poppy 8

Some necessary assistance was rendered by her mother,

Undoing the mobile

although two pairs of hands were insufficient for the task of unravelling the mobile.

Don’t miss the little pink wings on Poppy’s back.

We opened our main presents before dinner. Jackie was delighted with her Pauline King (the contented crafter) light catcher all the way from New Zealand.

Christmas dinner: Jackie, Mat, Ian, Becky, Tess , Poppy

Dinner was the full works: roast turkey, roast potatoes and parsnips, stuffing, sausages, bacon, mashed carrots and swede, Brussels sprouts with chestnuts and onions, bread sauce, and superb gravy; all followed by Christmas pudding. Red and white wines were drunk.


  1. The little fairy princess really stole the show! I love her outfit made by Granny, pink wings included. ♡ Her photo with her Daddy was adorable, too. Thank you for sharing all elements of your special Christmas, Derrick.

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