A Christmas Cold Cure

Jackie and Poppy 3

This morning, in the form of a Pauline King light catcher, we discovered the perfect child’s Christmas cold cure.

Tess and Poppy

Poppy is, of course, of the IT generation. She’ll probably be being ‘beamed up’ everywhere when she is our age. (Jackie immediately requested a print of this one, so I made it, and a larger one for Tess.)

While I had the printer on, I made two A3+ copies of a prize-winning photograph by a relative of Frances. Our sister-in-law had asked for these. I will not reproduce it here because it is not my picture.

From 2.00 p.m. onwards we were joined by Shelly, Ron, Helen, Bill, Anthony, Neil, Donna, Jane, David, Jen, Rachel, Gareth, Stephanie, John, and Billy. Grazing on cold meats and salads took place all afternoon; and the evening was taken up with chicken jalfrezi, chicken korma, savoury rice, samosas and bhajis. An assortment of alcoholic drinks was consumed. Mat, Tess, and Poppy returned home at about 5.00 p.m.

Chicken jalfrezi

Chicken korma

Considerable inroads had been made into the curries before I reached them with the camera.

After this we played charades at which my limited prowess is legendary.


  1. Pauline’s light catchers are so stunningly beautiful (I enjoyed the rainbows mine made for me this very afternoon) even a tiny baby can be taken with one…and now to read that it’s also a possible cure for a cold…will wonders never cease!

  2. Pauline has a gift of arts in many media, floral, paint and crystals. Your baby granddaughter is so sweet like a cherub, Derrick. If I were a relative, I would ask for a pront, too.
    The food, including curries, sound and look delicious. Save some for me. . . Ha ha! 🙂

      1. What can I say, Johnna, he is actually so funny when we play charades, the day he actually gets the hang of the rules will be a sad day, the hilarity will cease.

  3. Poppy seems to me to be far more interested in the lap top than the catcher Derrick – a true futuristic child! Beam me up Scottie!! It is lovely to see the dangler got to you in time and in one piece!

    1. Oh but Pauline, it couldn’t be called a “dangler” – it’s a light catcher. Calling it a dangler would be like calling the Sistine Chapel a bit of graffiti. Great holiday post, Derrick.

    2. Actually Pauline, Poppy was so into the light catcher that she was developing her hand eye co-ordination, hence the concentration! It was wonderful to see. Thank you so much for the light catcher, it is now hanging in the big window of my kitchen/diner, a vaguely green themed room. It is a south facing window so looks really lovely.

      1. How lovely to hear the catcher can double as a baby mobile and aid in hand-eye co-ordination 🙂 And I hope you will enjoy the many sparkles and rainbows that should emanate from such a hanging position too.

  4. Curry, charades, beverages, family, and a light catcher from Pauline … the perfect recipe!
    Health, happiness, and peace in the coming year to you and yours!

  5. Sounds like a jolly Christmas, despite little Poppy’s cold. (Could those little legs be any more adorable? I don’t think so.

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