In ‘The Scent Of A Squirrel’, I described the aroma of dead rodents. A similar, very mild smell has, over a day or two, emanated from our dressing room. Last night, Jackie discovered a leaking radiator therein. Let us hope that dirty dripping onto the ancient carpet beneath it is the cause of the strange pong. OurContinue reading “Pages”

Santa’s Little Helper

When Aaron, continuing his work on the bathroom, engaged Jackie and me in a debate about whether or not he should paint both sides of the bathroom door, he observed that he loved a difference of opinion. Jackie said he could do what he liked – the other side of the door will be paintedContinue reading “Santa’s Little Helper”

Honey Bees And Christmas Lights

Giles visited this morning and stayed for lunch.   On a wander round the garden he was pleased to notice that the mahonia was still attracting bees. Jacqueline du Pre was enjoying a resurgence in the rose garden. Before lunch, our friend and I took a walk across the field by the post box, throughContinue reading “Honey Bees And Christmas Lights”

The Cat’s Paws

This morning Jackie carried out further heavy weeding of the oval bed, whilst I didn’t quite manage to empty the bath. First I had to reach the object of my attention. This involved pruning the box hedge which was its first line of defence. Then that of brambles had to be breached. Then what I hadContinue reading “The Cat’s Paws”

A Squabble Of Seagulls

The air was much colder today, and the weak sun only briefly penetrated the mist after mid-day. Even late in the morning, as I walked to Lyndhurst via Mill Lane and Pikes Hill, the landscape beyond the first layer of trees was obscured. At the top of Mill Lane one pony chomped under a floweringContinue reading “A Squabble Of Seagulls”

Inky Fingers

In December 1963 the lights in Regent St were treated to general maintenance or maybe just the attention of a window cleaner from his gondola.  I was able to capture this for today’s advent picture. Anyone who has received a handwritten missive from me will know that: This does sometimes  result in unfortunate inky fingers,Continue reading “Inky Fingers”


Watching birds arriving at Jackie’s feeding station this morning, I was struck by the different approaches they exhibit.  The tits perform an undulating swoop across the sweeping lawns, reminiscent of Ducks and Drakes.  It is as if they bounce on thermals much as children’s flat stones do on still water surfaces during the game ofContinue reading “Wait!”

Yorkshire Tea Bags

There was no thunderstorm yesterday, but heavy rain set in during the night and continued as I set off for the village shop and back.  My headache had gone.  By the time I reached Minstead Hall I realised I had forgotten my wallet, so I turned round, returned home, picked up my money, declined theContinue reading “Yorkshire Tea Bags”