Port St Charles

Jessica, Louisa, Sam, Ken Crutchlow & Derrick

Following the recent death of Ken Crutchlow, charismatic founder of The Ocean Rowing Society, Sam asked me to send him this photograph that first featured on 29th August last year. Alongside Jessica and Louisa, Ken stands between Sam, who has just disembarked after 59 days at sea, and me.

This took me back to the task of scanning the colour slides made in March 2004.

Police sign

Wandering around outside Port St Charles, I speculated about why this Police station sign  displayed a mirror image. I swear it has not been reproduced the wrong way round.

Port St Charles 1Port St Charles 2Port St Charles 3 Port St Charles 4Port St Charles 6

These are views of the luxurious development, that is the holiday resort where the race was completed, that can be seen by those poorer folk outside.


Frangipani is one of the colourful shrubs that surround the walls.

Port St Charles dock 1

Overlooked by luxury apartments, the rowing boats lie among others in the docking area.

Port St Charles dock 2

Pavel Rezvoy, who came second in the solo race, in the black T-shirt, stands beside Tatiana, the blue-clad wife of Ken. Sam’s boat, Pacific Pete, is on the right. Workers on the roofs in the distance demonstrate that building continues.

Sam and Dixie

Here, Sam is interviewed by Dixie Dean for the official film of the race.

Wader 1Wader 2

I cannot identify these waders on the shore.

This evening we dined on Mr Pink’s fish and chips, with cornichons and pickled onions from jars, followed by profiteroles. Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I didn’t.


  1. I think Jill has hit it with one of the birds. I think the bottom one is a sanderling and the top one a sandpiper. Or they may both be sandpipers!

    1. Sanderling was my first thought for bird 2, provided they colonize that far west (it appears you’re trans-Altlantic from us, yet is familiar with you, so I’d trust that. “Sandpiper” is a vague term, I think covering some without ‘sandpiper’ in their name (e.g. Redshank, and, probably Sanderling!)
      Very dark legs and bill of bird 1 (unless a factor of the ultra bright light of the tropics) doesn’t look as typical of the fare we see this side. Without a marker of scale, it’s hard to tell.

      1. Yes, I was going by the differences in color, but it’s difficult to tell if differences of size exist. As for how far west they are, I’ve seen them in the Gulf of Mexico, so they’re here (I almost said Califonia, but they well might have been something different there).

  2. Derrick, you did not imbibe? Are you feeling OK!? We miss you both. Thank you both for a lovely stay.

  3. As to the identity of the birds – one is definitely Henry and the other one looks like it could be Annabelle. (Not 100% sure as she has her back to us!) Regarding the ECILOP sign backwards; it is a box that used to have a light in it, and the glass/plastic front has gone that read POLICE from this side and we are reading the other side of the box signage from the wrong side.

    1. I think what plover they have in common is a chunkier body (not one between all of them, I hasten to add… )

  4. Derrick, I think you mentioned before that your son (I think) rowed across the Atlantic. Is there a chance you could do a post that generally tells a bit of the history of ocean rowing. As an old rower of eights we never got off the river. Do the boats have seats on rollers or are they fixed and a bit of other detail. When you get time.

  5. Sorry about the loss of a fine gentleman and scholar, as my Dad and Grandpa used to call the deceased, if male family member or friend. Ken looks good and so do you in the photograph. I liked the way you all look so happy and healthy. A good way to remember Ken, Derrick. ♡

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