A Silver Lining

This morning Aaron started work on preparing the stairs and landing for redecoration.

Later, Jackie drove Becky, Ian and me to Molly’s Den.

Becky, who has been undertaking extensive and detailed market research since applying for places for a father and daughter team on ‘Bargain Hunt’, the TV antiques competition programme, had not yet visited our local emporium. We came to see this trip as a training exercise. Contestants have one hour in which to make three purchases which are then sold at auction.

Molly's Den wet floor 1Molly's Den wet floor 2

We have experienced enough rain in the last 72 hours to make parts of the Christchurch/Lymington Road resemble a lake. Molly’s Den suffered considerable leakage through the vast warehouse roof. The staff had spent two and a half hours mopping up the water.

Raindrops on table

Most of the items for sale had been rescued, although the odd raindrops lingered.

Jackie and Owl

Becky and brooch

We managed to cover all areas in our allotted hour, but did not make the required number of purchases. I bought Jackie an owl, and Ian bought Becky a brooch.

Jackie, Becky, and brunches

The presentations took place in Molly’s Pantry. When the two ladies received their brunches before Ian and me, they resolved my dilemma about being unable to photograph all the meals together by hamming up repetitions of their earlier delight.


Ian and I struggled through the plentiful all day brunches of excellent quality. The chef came to our table and apologised that he had run out of vine tomatoes. He needn’t have worried. The first-rate standard of the sausages, bacon, black pudding, baked beans, mushrooms, wedges of buttered toast, and perfectly fried eggs more than made up for it.


Jackie bought another two owls.

Cloud with silver lining

On our drive home we were reminded that every cloud has a silver lining. The rain had desisted and the sky was turning blue.

Close perusal of the pictures of Molly’s Pantry fare will render it unsurprising that neither Ian nor I required an evening meal, and a few samosas sufficed for the women.


  1. Wow; love those ‘fingers of God’. Jackie’s owls are winners, I reckon. We have re runs of the show here; it looks fun –good luck!

  2. What a wonderful and delightful summary of the whole experience of exploring items and enjoying a feast fit for a King or Queen. I like the idea of the pair of you, father and daughter, being on a Treasure Hunt show. Our PBS has what is called “Antique Road Show.”

      1. I think since our Public Broadcasting teams up with the BBC, this has better chances for getting Lara and Landen’s nature shows and my son introduced his family to Benny Hill and Dr. Who. 🙂

  3. Yes a beautiful last photo of the cloud with a silver lining .. You are an amazing photographer Derrick and your adventures with Jackie and family keep me very entertained.

  4. You guys have the best fun! An amazing shot, you caught it at the best possible moment – looks like a spot light was just turned on behind the clouds.

  5. Utterly delightful from start to finish, Derrick. You have a lovely way of recounting your days and adventures and your photos capture the essence of your words spot on. I hope to see you on Bargain Hunt and will be rooting for you. As fab looking as the lunches are the last picture is simply stunning. I hope you’re not badly affected yourself by the incessant rain.

  6. I’m so excited that you and Becky are going on Bargain Hunt! I’ve been trying to persuade Son to go on Pointless with his Grandma – they both get pointless answers at least once a programme ? do let us know when you get the nod!

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