‘I Wouldn’t Dare’

My friend Geoff Le Pard, this time, gave me the correct location of the former Gosling home. It is actually on the corner of Woodcock Lane and Silver Street. Jackie drove me out there this morning.

Silver Thatch 1

I would imagine the gates are rather different than those Geoff would have known.

Agars Lane

Although very convenient for photographing Agars Lane, opposite, the strong sun immediately above the central gable militated against a head-on shot, so

Silver Thatch 2Silver Thatch 3

I walked down the Woodcock Lane side hoping for less glare. The very high fence is protected by the deep water-filled ditch alongside it.

Silver Thatch 4

Finally, a helpful cloud dimmed the haze at the front and I was able to take a reasonable view.

Having sight of such a splendid abode made it easy to forgive our friend for sending us on a Wild Goose Chase a couple of days ago.

This afternoon I dipped into the selection of rediscovered negatives once more. A reinforced envelope addressed to Elizabeth, containing a letter and a strip of four colour negs would have been impossible for me to identify had not the letter been dated November 2003. My sister had obviously asked, as is her wont, to borrow these treasures to ‘work on the images’. I must have ‘filed’ the package in a drawer when she returned it to me.

One of these photos, from July 2003, was hopelessly out of focus, and another was of no great interest. I scanned and worked on

Deadly nightshade fruit

the fruit of deadly nightshade pictured alongside London’s Regents Canal,

Dandelion seeds on canal water

and dandelion seeds floating on the water.

Someday I must compare with Elizabeth what we each did with them.

When, later this afternoon, I came to begin drafting this post, we lost our Broadband connection. Not only that, but all BT’s telephone lines, even including the sales number, were engaged. I may have uttered the odd expletive. And possibly some not at all odd.

There was nothing for it but to lose myself in Josephine Tey’s elegant novel, ‘Brat Farrer’. After a couple of hours or so were back on line. Having calmed down somewhat I asked Jackie to remind me that there was no point in doing anything other than sitting and waiting when this happened again. ‘I wouldn’t dare’, she said.

Jackie fetched, and we ate, a meal from Hordle Chinese Take Away this evening. We drank water.

Whilst Jackie was out, I checked the line again. All was well, except that I could not access WordPress because ‘the server was not replying’. I really was comparatively calm when I rang Apple Support after dinner. The server replied whilst I was in the Apple queue. It seems my patience had borne fruit. I left the queue and posted this.


  1. Judging by my own mood when internet goes dead, and the choice language I am wont to spew, I would say Jackie is a wise woman to decline your suggestion to remind.

  2. I wonder why we all get so upset when the internet declines us. I have learned to go off and do something else if it is daylight or go to bed early if it is not 🙂 It’s usually in a better mood after a few hours break…….. and so am I!!

    1. They should be ashamed of the fact that they have reduced a large area of front garden to a desert, not the right setting for this magnificent house. (Obviously not without the means to do something splendid in the way of country garden.)

  3. Ah ha! Bingo! Thank you! Yes that’s it. Back then there wasn’t a gate a high fence. maybe a five barred gate that was permanently open. Also the garage wasn’t a free standing block, that’s a new addition (or it was a shed or something that’s been converted). The garage was the far left of the main house, beyond the side door that is halfway along to the left. As for Pauline’s suggestion I was hobnobbing with gentry, I was the undergardener! The fences suggest a fixation with ostentatious privacy which wasn’t the Goslings way. They had a very informal style and were great company.

    1. Either a fixation with privacy or they are ashamed of the fact that they have reduced a large area of front garden to a desert, not the right setting for this magnificent house.

      1. True Jackie. Before Mrs G had a long bed of azaleas along the fence where the garage now sits; a real splash of colour in the spring. I had to weed and add sand and peat every autumn. Maybe the maintenance was too much. Can I add, now we are in contact, that my mum would have loved your garden (hers was a labour of 35 years turning Forest clay into beauty and you are clearly well on the way to a similar goal.

    2. Sounds lovely with the azaleas in place, Geoff, Thank you for the thought that your Mum would have liked my efforts in the garden, I am flattered. This garden has the clay, and also free draining grit areas so it offers a range of plant growing opportunities I just need to know what goes where! But I can grow reasonable Roses and also Camellias and rhododendrons in the same garden.
      Such joy.

  4. Great conversation her, beautiful house (with a moat!), and those two pic’s of nightshade and dandelion seed-marvelous! As for your internet connection, I sympathize. It’s one of the things that can reduce me to expletives. I think it’s because the info you get is often nonsensical.

  5. These photos are so beautiful that I feel . . . yes, jealousy! That dandelion one! Just lovely, and you have a way of making life seem so highly satisfying, Derrick.

  6. I like your (intended?) pun at the end. The dandelion in water look like stars in the sky. I feel like I’m following a tv serial reading your posts – very entertaining! I missed the last episode though, with the restored baby pics.

  7. Lately, as you might have noticed by my absence, I go days without even turning on my laptop. However, I would be extremely frustrated to find it wasn’t available if I wanted to use it. It has been such a long time since I have seen film or looked at old negatives. I do love the photos. And the adventure paid off – as did your determination – in trying to get a photo of the Gosling home.

  8. Nice gift you’ve made to your friend, Derrick. 🙂
    The dandelion seeds floating are beautiful. They make an amazing dance on the water. 🙂
    Great post!

  9. What a good friend you are. You went to this trouble and made TanGental so happy!!
    PS. you don’t want to hear what I have to say when the computer goes out!!!!!!!!

  10. Wonderful photos! I thank my lucky stars that I live with a computer geek, Whenever anything goes wrong, he is on top of it. When it comes to tech stuff, the dog and I aren’t too far apart 😉

  11. Not read “Brat Farrar” but by coincidence I did get “The Daughter of Time” from the library last week. As for the internet – whatever did we do before we had blogs?

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