Atlantic Sunset

Today, I continued scanning colour slides from Barbados in March 2004. Yesterday we tracked a pirate ship from Port St Charles into the Atlantic Ocean.

KilcullenKilcullen towing New Horizons

Flanked by the lowering sun we then encountered Kilcullen towing New Horizons.

Quite why John Peck and Fraser Dodds, who manned the rowing boat New Horizons, needed the attentions of the support boat at this point, I am not sure, for they are given in the statistics of the Ocean Rowing Society as having completed the race.  Kilcullen, you see, is one of a group of vessels deputed to be on hand in case of need by rowers in distress. I understand that, because they tended to stay behind the slowest competitors, these yachts would be a good 500 miles away from the leaders.

Sunset 1Sunset 2Sunset 3

Very soon after this, we experienced one of the dramatic gold and indigo sunsets that Sam had enjoyed during his 59 days at sea.

Kilcullen in sunset

By this time the crew of Kilcullen were relaxing in silhouette.

Crabs 1Crab 2

The next morning a cast of crabs danced the side shuffle on the rocks.

This evening Jackie and I dined on a set meal for two from The Happy Wok in Pennington. She drank Hoegaarden and I drank Cimarosa Reserva Privado malbec 2013


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