Making The Most Of Milford Seafront

This morning I accompanied Jackie to the GP surgery where she was prescribed antibiotics for what is now a chest infection. Afterwards, she drove us to the car park alongside the

Needles Eye Cafe

 Needles Eye cafe where she sat with a coffee whilst

Upper promenade 1

I ambled along the upper and lower promenades.

Hazy sea

The fog warning sounded as I took this hazy picture of the Isle of Wight and The Needles, after which the cafe has been wittily named.

Man and dog

This gentleman was perhaps searching for a sight of the island whilst his bored best friend was suggesting it was a waste of time.


A group of energetic retirees strode out, past the barriers that border the lower promenade where concrete huts once stood.

Public Convenience

Dog walker

Should they be taken short, a state of the art Public Convenience ushers in the prospective

Making the most of Milford seafront

rebuilding of the, now removed, damaged beach huts.

Throughout the day, Paul and I continued exchanging material for the forthcoming The First Gallery exhibition and flyer.

This evening we dined on Mr Pink’s, fish, chips, and pea fritters. Nothing was imbibed.


  1. One of my favourite parts of a visit to my Kent family is a visit to their beach hut, and watching the tide recede towards France (Or so it seems to me). Best wishes to Jackie for a speed recovery

  2. Thanks for sharing your slice of the sea with me!

    I’m always a little amazed (I shouldn’t be, when I think of the history, but I am), of all the shared place names between where you live and where I grew up (Tidewater, Virginia). We had an Isle of Wight, too! 🙂

    Enjoy this beautiful weekend!

  3. I wish I was (were?) there. Is it cold? Could people sleep over in the former huts?
    It’s a shame that dog gets all the way to the beach and can’t run!
    Dinner sounds yummy. Hope Jackie’s better ASAP.

    “Every summer we can rent a cottage at the Isle of Wight, if it’s not too dear.”
    Lennon and McN.

      1. Derrick, I hope my questions don’t seem dumb. I actually really want to know – but from a person (well, you), not from a website. Please be sure to tell me if I become a pest.
        Everyone else does, har har.

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