Folding Flyers

Moon and mahonia

Last night a full yellow, pink haloed, moon was framed by limbs of garden trees such as an evergreen mahonia

Moon and beech

or rolled in the grip of deciduous fingers of beech.

This morning we collected Paul’s mount board from Wessex Print in Pennington and delivered this, the flyers, and exhibition prints to The First Gallery, where, whilst enjoying coffee and Margery’s mini hot cross buns, Paul and I checked over my work, and

Jackie and Margery folding flyers

Jackie and Margery had fun folding flyers.


On the moors between Beaulieu and Lymington linger many pools in which trees stand.


On one, another grey pony slaked its thirst in its own bath water (I am indebted to Johnna of for the bath water).

Ponies and pool

Suitably replenished, the dripping animal bounded onto the turf, circled the neighbouring pool above, and settled down to graze beyond its bay companion.

Table top

Unfortunately I had overlooked one of the A3 prints. This was the table top abstract which I therefore made on our return home. I suppose one out of fifty isn’t bad.

This evening Jackie’s delicious lamb jalfrezi was served with pilau rice, chick pea dhal, and parathas. We both drank Kingfisher


  1. Lovely photographs as usual. I found the ones of the moon particularly striking, specially that they had my favourite blue as well. The one with the pool is also so particular and striking. I am glad you finally did not forget the last one as it is quite lovely too.

      1. I am not over fond of Mahonia usually but I had never seen one left to it’s own devices like this, not only does it have a great architectural impact it has wonderfully fragrant flowers in winter, would not be without this specimen.

  2. I’m so glad you captured the moon. How nice it must be to watch those ponies do their thing. Is that their life? Will they be turned into beasts of burden? Or pet food?

    1. A few of the owners do keep them in fields and ride them. For that they must be broken in, or ‘backed’. Those out in the forest just eat, and presumably copulate. There is a belief that some end up in restaurants in France. I thought of you when photographing the moon

  3. Your moon is “poetic”. The pink color reminds me of how our full moon in April is called the “Pink Moon,” though not for its color but because the flowers called “pinks” are likely to be in full bloom.

  4. We saw a similar moon on this side of the planet! And the second facetious comment: you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t…
    Loved the photo story as always.

  5. We were admiring our full moon last night too. Perhaps we should start a bloggers’ group and post full moon photos from around the world once a month 🙂 Odd to think that although seasons vary between hemispheres, full moons do not. So I wonder how that affects the theory of planting according to the phases of the moon, because the seasons would be different? Hmmm. Might have to research that further. . . . Your photos are beautiful and the exhibition will be a delight. Even though she must be exhausted, Jackie still looks very happy. Is that cat on the mantelpiece decorative or for real? My Siamese used to love to walk along mine, never displacing any ornaments as she delicately threaded her way to the end. Then she might perch there like that, with that “you didn’t believe I could do it,” expression on her face.

    1. Thank you for such a full response, Gwen. I didn’t realise that about the moon. That is certainly intriguing. I was happy to get the two women with similar expressions. Margery will be having her own exhibition at Southampton to celebrate her 90th birthday! The cat is a sculpture. No wonder you had to ask the question. That stretched paw is superb.

      1. It certainly is a great sculpture. You two seem to have an eye for spotting the right pieces. Good on Margery – that’s certainly a great way to celebrate 90! And I didn’t realise about the full moon until you posted your photos. It’s amazing the stuff I learn through blogging. Just today I was recommending it to someone, and saying how it puts you in touch with enquiring, and often like-minded, minds.

  6. The beautiful moon photigraph caught and held my attention, Derrick. It was so clear and you left it, as is. My moon photo I enlarged to produce a more impressionistic image than realistic one.
    The horse quenching his thirst in his “bath water” was a great, unique shot! Clever friend! Have a good day, we used to attend evening church services on the next three days, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, then a vigil on Easter Eve. 🙂

  7. The moon, the moors, ponies, a wonderfully abstract photo. What more can a person ask for?

  8. The pictures of the moon are so lovely, the trees just add to the beauty of the picture! I also love seeing the pony in the water! your photos are really different and beautiful derrick!

  9. I LOVE your moon shots in tangled tree limbs… I already have a few lines inspired by your photographs and will share the poem by Monday. Thank you Derrick!

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