Tears And Laughter

Raindrops on irises

Today was mostly dull and wet, although fleeting sunlight did appear occasionally, for instance to brighten limp, tearful, irises on our back drive,


or to reveal this insect I assumed to be a hoverfly drying off in a hedge in the Lyndhurst car park. The yellow/orange may help entomologists to be certain of the identity.

Through the rain, we had made an abortive visit to buy a birthday present to supplement jewellery bought at Christmas, when the shop had been making a big display of the range we sought. They don’t do them any more. We returned home and were cheered up by a welcome visit from Shelly and Ron who, since they were about to go away, brought early birthday presents for Jackie.

In the meantime I scanned another batch of colour slides from the summer of 1980.

Sam 7.80 1

Jessica and Sam 7.80 5

In July Jessica still needed to prop Sam’s head up, either with her hand,

Sam 7.80 4

or by the more usual across the shoulder method.

A number of portraits were made on 2nd August.

Becky 2.8.80 1

Here is Becky, probably gazing upon her new brother.

Jessica 2.8.80 crop

Jessica certainly was.

Michael 2.8.80

I’m not sure what had grabbed Michael’s attention;

Sam 2.8.80 1

or, indeed, Sam’s –

Sam 2.8.80 2

whatever that was, it was worth a laugh.

This evening’s chicken was marinaded in honey and mustard, and delightful it was too; served with mashed potato, carrots, runner beans and ratatouille. Lemon tart and cream was to follow. Jackie drank Hoegaarden, and I drank more of the Fleurie.



  1. Beautiful shots. Sam is one of those people instantly recognizable as his adult self in his baby pictures. My brother is as well. My what a lovely dinner you had. Yum.

  2. Lovely family shots – lovely memories too, I’m sure. But I am jealous of your rain … it keeps being promised here but never arrives and everywhere is getting very dry! I believe your yellow fly is a yellow dung fly πŸ™‚

  3. Such beautiful photo’s of family.. I think I have a suitcase full of them in the attic.. πŸ™‚ Today it was a much brighter clearer day here also.. and spent most of it in the allotments.. πŸ™‚ Happy gardening Derrick..

  4. Great sequence combining images and narrative reminisces . “Limp, tearful, irises” – an excellent turn of imagery.

    We are now jumping into summer weather ahead of schedule – the trees have greened up, but no blossoms – still waiting for most flowers. It has brought out the great Canadian black fly swarms. My wife is one of those individuals who the flying beasties find particularly tasty.

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