The End Of The Roll


We were promised sunshine and showers today. In the end the rain dominated. Consequently I was unable to cut the grass. There was nothing for it but, with the sun on my back when it did put in an appearance, while being dripped on by the trees, to take advantage of the light to photograph raindrops; then hit the massive ironing pile.

Gazebo path

The Chilean lantern bush is on the left of the Gazebo Path, and the yellow bottle brush one to the right. The eucalyptus is in flower.

Raindrops on Bottle Brush Plant

The bottle brushes were well washed;

Raindrops on rhododendron

Heligan Path BenchView from Brick Path across the lawn

as was the rhododendron that has bloomed in the Phantom Bed since these views from the Heligan Path and the Brick Path were last featured.

Raindrops on sweet peas

These sweet peas are now adorning the arch to our right.

Raindrops on peony

Peonies heads are too heavy to be raised

Cordyline Australis

in the Palm Bed, so named for the cordyline Australis.

Elizabeth's Bed

From the Oval Path to the right can be seen Elizabeth’s bed with its bright pink hydrangea;

Rose Garden

and straight ahead through to the Rose Garden, where

Riandrops on Mum in a Million

Mum in a Million

Raindrops on Margaret Merril

and Margaret Merrill have both washed their faces.

Raindrops on Day Lily

This day lily in Margery’s Bed has just had a shower.

Kitchen Bed View

Between shirts I nipped out to photograph this view across the Kitchen Bed from the Patio.

This afternoon I scanned the last few frames on the Devon September 1983 holiday roll of colour negative film featured yesterday, when Mary observed that an image of Jessica and Louisa warranted a close up. This is the next shot in which I have

Jessica and Louisa 9.83 1

first cropped the background,

Jessica and Louisa 9.83 1 Crop

then brought the subjects into close-up.

Jessica and Louisa 9.83 2

Once released, Louisa was quite clear where she wanted to go,

Louisa 9.83 1

but not quite so confident when negotiating the terrain,

Sam 9.83

which hadn’t fazed Sam at all.

Jessica 9.83

Here is Jessica shortly before we left.

Louisa 9.83 2Louisa 9.83 3

Back home, our daughter adopted the usual exhausted mode.

Jackie having returned from her three days away, we dined on Mr Pink’s fish and chips, pickled onions and gherkins, followed by Dorset Apple Cake brought back from Tolpuddle. Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank Reserve des Tuguets Madiran 2012.


  1. Your post-rain photos are stunning. So beautiful.
    The shots of Jessica and Louisa are also wonderful.

    I laughed at the ironing though. I think we have an iron somewhere. . .

  2. I just heard a familiar voice in my head, Julie Andrews singing, “Raindrops on roses . . . These are a few of my favorite things!”
    You captured and enlarged the children’s pictures wonderfully. Sweet Louisa on the bed made me wish to give her a hug. <3

      1. That is such a fantastic detail which if I read it, I had forgotten it. Thanks for sharing this with me, Derrick. I bet she could write an interesting book! 🙂

  3. Your garden has a number of plants we see Down Under; I’m sure I would feel quite at home when I visit 🙂 Those raindrops reminds me I must go out and give my orchard a good watering. I’ve been ill and my garden is suffering along with me. Our promised rain did not come.

    Thanks for the close ups. I too love the mother and daughter outfits that match in colour.

  4. Beautiful garden photographs – what views you and Jackie are enjoying these days. Very special shots of the children.

  5. In Maine, we could use a little bit of that rain. The flowers still look fine, but the farmers are beginning to grumble. What makes this odd is that traditionally, in Maine, June is a rainy month. But for the past few years it hasn’t been. Anyway, lovely photos of flowers and people. Hope Jackie had a wonderful time with her sisters.

  6. I see I’m not the only person picking up on the ironing. Glad to hear someone else still does it. And yes, man-made fabrics still stink…as do those no-iron cotton shirts, from whatever chemical is put in them to make them no iron…

  7. I think I could just sit for hours in your garden and do nothing else than watch the flowers or perhaps read from time to time 😀 . Beautiful images of Jessica and Louisa. I love how the perspective on the image changes when you crop it and close up on it. I often found in my photographs too that sometimes although we might want to keep the landscape for memories sake there is something unique about the features of human beings captured in that instant which is worth bringing attention to.

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