‘Behind You!’


This afternoon, we took a drive through the forest. Being the tourist season, there was much traffic, including cyclists, on the road.

Pony and traffic

On the way into Brockenhurst, a pony trotted elegantly ahead of a car, until it obligingly stepped onto the grass verge and allowed the vehicles to continue on their way.

Ponies and tourists 1Ponies and tourists 2

A string of ponies by Whitemoor Pond attracted both me and a family of visitors.

Ponies and ball

First the children attempted to involve the creatures in a game of football;

Ponies and tourists 3

then a young woman tempted them with slices of bread.

Pony and tourists

I did my best to indicate that this wasn’t a good idea, but we didn’t speak the same language, however,

Ponies and tourists 4

the equineย teeth got the message across.

It was then that I heard Jackie crying ‘behind you!’ I turned around with some trepidation. This was no pantomime.

Highland cattle 1

Behind me, cooling off and slaking their thirst, were two Highland cattle.

Highland cattle 3Highland cow 1

I wondered how they could see through their fringes.

Highland cattle 6

They commandeered the pond;

Highland cow 4

ย another loner joined in;

Ponies and Highland cattle

and a fourth, with number five on its way across the road, gave the ponies second thoughts about reclaiming the pond.

High Corner Inn

Having battled along a pitted track of Ringwood Road, we stopped for a drink at High Corner Inn,

Pony in car park

where ponies in the car park

Ponies being fed carrots

were being fed carrots by a chef who told me that the animals congregate under the kitchen extractor vent because it keeps the flies off them.

Donkey and foal

Near Frogham, a pregnant female donkey with two foals escorted byย a large pony temporarily blocked the road.

Donkey and pony

At least one of the infants seemed confused about its parentage.

Back home, my choice of the goodies superfluous to yesterday’s feast was Coronation chicken and rice, with which I drank McGuigan Bin 578 merlot 2015. Jackie drank Hoegaarden with various other items.


  1. I love the baby white donkey with tan spots following the horse. Such a funny parentage dilemma comment, Derrick.
    The Highland cattle look like they do need their hair “bangs” trimmed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The first pond-with-ponies scene and the first pond-with-catttle scene are glorious. They look almost posed, as if in the mind of a painter envisioning an idyllic composition.

  3. there was a picture in the Lymington Advertiser, circa 1971 of a car with a hole in the wing which the driver said a pony made when it snatched at an offered sandwich and he got his hand out of the way just in time. Urban myth maybe but no one I knew was going to disprove the power in those teeth. And glad you found the High Corner Inn. Lovely spot.

  4. As so often happened on your outings, the animals stole the show. I can’t nominate my favourite this time but I do like the reflections.

    I feel like growing a fringe just like those on the Highland cattle so I can’t see the mess our government is in.

  5. Beautiful shots of the highland cattle! Especially the ones with the dappled light- ot gives the a magical, other worldly look. I recognise one four legged creature as a pony, but are the others really ponies too?

  6. What a lovely day! With some lovely photos to go with it. Highland cattle should, theoretically, not be much of ma risk, as they are beef cattle bred to get fat. Milk breed bulls, however, are bred to impregnate the cows so they are the hapless victims of a thousand hormones. Not to be messed with, if possible,

  7. Lovely pictures, Derrick. I love Highland cattle – though I always wonder how they can see through their fringes, as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Oh my. These are absolutely amazing. All the pictures are lovely but the ones with the water and especially the ones where there is a reflection in the water of the animals are absolutely gorgeous. My favourite is the first of the series of animals and water, your second photograph.

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