Hammock And Hollyhock


This morning we shopped at Lidl, mainly to load up the car with more of their large bags of compost. Quite a number of the on the heap outside the store were damaged and leaking. Some fell on stony ground.

So popular was the photograph of Sam in the hammock from yesterday’s post that I scanned the rest of the set of colour slides made in August 1981. Matthew was wonderful with his younger siblings.

Matthew and Sam in hammock 8.81 1

Matthew and Sam in hammock 8.81 2Matthew and Sam in hammock 8.81 3Sam (and Mat) 8.81Matthew and Sam in hammock 8.81 4

Matthew and Sam 8.81 5

Matthew and Sam in hammock 8.81

Here, his and Sam’s enjoyment of time in the hammock at Meldreth is quite clear.

Sam and Adrian in hammock 8.81

Mat’s friend Adrian was of similar ilk.

Hollyhock 8.81

No, this hollyhock has not crept in from our current garden 35 years on. It was taken along with these others. Does its progeny still soar fromΒ the sunlit borders of ‘The Dumb Flea’? (the Drapers’ home where these shots were made).

Clematises and sweet peas

Here in Downton we have experienced very strong winds for two or three days. These have dried up the hanging baskets and broken a few stems. Jackie therefore has been taking a fewΒ down. She continued this today, and I did some watering.

This evening we dined on a second helping of Hordle Chinese Take Away. We now know the proprietor’s name is Chan, which is a pity because Mister Chatty Man suits him so well. I finished the Carignan Vieilles Vignes and Jackie drank her Hoegaarden and Bavaria mix. Well, she had to do something with the non-alcoholic beer bought by mistake.


  1. Happiness shines out from these photo’s Derrick and your flowers.. Yes the wind here too has been blowing leaves off of trees. And blowing down flowers.. My hubby set up a watering system for our hanging baskets which works quite well and stops us climbing step ladders every other day πŸ™‚
    SO love your garden xx

      1. I am certain it would LOL. πŸ™‚ Its a pipe that runs the length of the 3 hanging baskets that is fixed to the wall above the baskets. He just clips to the hosepipe and turns on the tap.. Done. πŸ™‚

  2. I have often looked at photos of Matthew with his younger siblings and thought what a wonderful big brother he was to them. He must be a very special person! I suppose they all still adore him now too – am I right?

  3. The photographs of the children in the hammock are just wonderful. They must be such worthwhile memories for your children too πŸ™‚ A beautiful series!

      1. I don’t think so. We have Aldi’s (Lidl and Aldi were started by brothers) in Canberra. Most of their produce comes from Australia. Someone once told me they weren’t going to shop at Aldi because everything would be from overseas. That has not been the case with the majority of the food. Not sure about Lidl.

  4. Isn’t “Chan” merely a ‘cool’ contraction of “Chatty Man”? He’s probably read your blog and adopts this persona when you visit. He’s actually called Darren πŸ™‚

  5. Those beautiful images should be hanging on the walls, especially the sixth and eighth picture, they show very endearing love.
    Definitely, and obviously, a very loving family Clan.

  6. What precious photos! I will have to go and read the previous post when I get a chance. I won’t mind if you keep calling him Mister Chatty Man, now that I’m in on the joke πŸ™‚

  7. Such extraordinary tenderness–or, rather, human and made of love and kindness…such a welcome sight after all the terrible news we keep getting. Thank you. And your hollyhock is a sight for sore eyes, as well.

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