Tourist Time


On a much brighter morning, Jackie and I transported two more large bags of garden refuse to the recycling centre. This time we returned with yet another garden bench. All we have to do now is find a space for it.

We then drove around the forest, parking at Burley where we both wandered around among the crowds of tourists, most of whom were foreigners who spoke good enough English to make us feel honoured.


Witches in window

When I published Witchcraft on 22nd June 2013, I gave the history of this New Forest village’s spurious historic association with the practice which draws visitors by the car and coach load. The two young men in the first picture, obscure the witches in the window as they make a beeline for the shop doorway.

Crowd 1

The narrow alley beside the shop leads to the public car park. It is always filled with people, many wearing colourful backpacks, at this time of year.

Crowd 2Crowd 3

Ice cream cones and mobile phones are very much in evidence. The children in the bottom right of these last two pictures are trying out the produce of Face the Music;

Girl with ice crem and mobile phone

this young lady was soon going to have to choose between phone and cornet.

Woman eating ice cream

This woman,

Little girl eating ice cream

and this little girl had clearly made their choices.

Bike rack

Forest Leisure Cycling drew quite a bit of custom;

Wagon Ride 1

and for those who preferred more leisurely transport, there were Wagon Rides. After checking out the form and the cost,

Wagon Ride 2

this little family took their seats.


When the horses had been adequately watered they were ready to step it out.

Chidren as witches 1

Children as witches 2

There was an opportunity for children to pose as witches by sticking their heads through holes in a suitably painted board. After the eldest of this flaxen haired trio had arranged her siblings to her satisfaction, she joined in the fun. The girls knew they were meant to be malevolent; their brother preferred the angelic look.

Girls on stump 1

 After I had taken the first shot of a sextet of girls on a stump, I pointed out that some of them had their back to me.

Girls on stump 2

They consequently obliged by posing beautifully.

Having shown them the pictures, I wandered off. Soon one of my models ran after me and asked if she could copy this last image into her iPhone. Thinking this would require some technique that was beyond me I asked her if she knew how to do it. She did indeed. She photographed my photograph from the image on my screen.

This evening we dined on second helpings of Hordle Chinese Take Away food with treacle tart and ice cream to follow. Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank Reserve des Tuguets 2012.


  1. ‘She photographed my photograph from the image on my screen.’ Really? Does that work? My mind is prepared to be boggled! I love the doilies the horses are wearing on their heads 🙂

  2. A most amusing post, Derrick…the locals going out to watch the tourists is a wonderful reversal. I loved how the little boy had already figured out that he, himself, could never be a witch.

  3. Burley was always the same; a nightmare in summer. Got chased by a pannaging pig there once. Have you seen the Christmas day cricket – Jack Frost XI v Burley? I guess the tradition continues. Back in the 70s we even had snow to make it really fun. And of course there was the Flying G ranch…

  4. What a lovely bustling day. The last photograph is particularly beautiful. I was curious enough to trail back to your post of June which I had not read before. I always wonder why people portray witches in that way and considering the historical aspect you mention I am even more puzzled. I guess that when it is sold as folklore that way attracts more.

      1. Ah ah ah. I am not sure it is a slip of the tongue “injury” instead of “industry”. The former sounds more adapted to the tourist mind set

  5. It might have been the best pick-up line: “can I photograph you for my blog?” followed by a request for an email address to forward the photo. Alas technology put paid to that. 🙂

  6. It is tourist time in Maine, too. The state’s long-time tag has been “Vactionland.” Not so much for the people who live here 😉

  7. The post headline: Tourist time, made me remember a radioshow with that name in the 80’s on Radio Stockholm here in Sweden. They had a show in English for tourists visiting Stockholm. The trailer for the show went like this “What’s so good about Stockholm? They have no public toilets, you can’t buy alcohol on weekends and all the telephone booths have been vandalized!”

  8. @ technique that was beyond me … the young are tech savvy … though I wonder about the quality of such a photo … Did you see her copy?

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