Going For A Paddle (2)


On another day with us both full of a cold, I scanned the remaining colour slides of the Brittany holiday with Ann and Don in September 1982.

Don photographing 9.82

I don’t know where the zoo that we visited was located. Here Don photographs the residents;

Zebra 9.82

maybe this zebra,

Monkey 9.82 1

or a monkey. (I have a much clearer image of this apparently elderly gent, but I have chosen this one for its pensive moodiness.) I am happy to report that our friend’s nose sprang back from its flattening in the cause of art.

Sam 9.82 1Street 9.82

Sam happily strode along the roughly surfaced streets, dappled by sunlight penetrating plane trees,

Sam 9.82 2

and found a little friend in the gloomy interior of a stone workshop.

Sam 9.82 3

Behind him, as he climbs decorative railings is evidence of the respect the French bear for their cemeteries.

Sam 9.82 4

After his exercise he had a snooze.

Woman with handbag wading 9.82 1

On Bréhec Beach, I woman I thought of at the time as elderly clutched her handbag as she went for a paddle. I don’t believe she removed her shoes when

Woman with handbag wading 9.82 2

she ventured further into the water. I can’t remember the name of the now defunct magazine that used this one for its cover.

This evening we dined on fish and chips served with baked beans.


  1. The late summer/early autumn colds are the most stubborn. Lemon juice is your only man, works every time. Great photo of Sam in the arched doorway, enjoyed the picture of the wise old monkey, too. 🙂

  2. The black and white photos are very interesting. The one of Sam in the street is kind of spooky–the trees are at an odd angle, and it just seems sinister to me.
    The photo of the woman wading into the water is a great photo–but how odd that she didn’t remove her shoes!

  3. The image of the monkey on that corrugated iron behind the fence is heart breaking.
    I love Sam in b/w or in colour.
    My favourite is the lady with the handbag. I imagine that to her, taking her shoes off in public would be too daring and improper. 🙂

  4. So, Derrick, you submitted this photo (of Old Mrs. Shoes) to a magazine – and they put it on the cover? Bravo to you, sir, if that is the case!
    Do feel better soon.

    1. Thanks, Jodie. It was a residential care magazine. I provided most of their covers, and quite a few inside. I sent them a number of prints, and they paid for them as selected.

  5. Derrick, Sam is adorable! His climbing on the iron fence with all the beauty of the French cemetery was a superb shot.
    Not at all meant to bother you, but I noticed when Sam found a friend in the dark, you had a small typo. It made me smile, since I often do this myself. 🙂
    Hope you and Jackie feel better soon! I like fish and chips with baked beans, too.

      1. I am also happy when someone helps me out, Derrick. We are better friends since we have been visiting each other’s blogs these many months. . . “We get by with a little help from our friends. . .” (thanks to the Beatles! 😉 )

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