Rippling Highland Water

On the first morning of a predicted run of warm, sunny, weather, we took a drive into the forest.

This car that wound up in a ditch on Lymore Lane had probably been driven by someone pulling over to let someone pass on the other side without realising that the verge would drop.

Roadworks holding up Traffic on Christchurch Road enabled me to photograph buttercups, dandelions, their clocks, and cow parsley on the verges.

Cattle occupied the moorland at one end of Beaulieu Station Road; thereafter ponies roamed among the gorse until they suddenly took off in the direction of Lyndhurst.

We stopped at the dappled Balmer Lawn where I kept a diplomatic distance from the couple on the ground, and discretely focussed on

the now receded rippling Highland Water.

This afternoon I published

We had been regulars at The Wheel Inn, Pennington, when It had been a community pub; Covid lockdowns destroyed it. This evening we visited The New Wheel Inn under its new management.

We had been somewhat disconcerted when we couldn’t find a spot in the car park which was packed with vehicles. I entered the bar to investigate and found, when I was greeted most warmly that most of the cars belonged to people who had just popped in for a drink. Very soon their cars departed, leaving space for Jackie. We were given a choice of tables and I was engaged in conversation with a very friendly couple while Jackie scanned the menu and ordered her glass of San Miguel.

My chosen beverage was an excellent Merlot served at the right temperature.

As usual in such locations Jackie photographed the interior ambience including various menus and an Only Fools and Horses poster signed by Sir David Jason.

The Assistant Photographer thoroughly enjoyed her chicken Katsu curry, rice, and a poppadom, as did I

my well filled chicken and ham pie with chunky chips in a basket, seasonal vegetables, and tasty gravy.

It is clearly still a very friendly pub with first rate food, delightful service, and no piped music. We are pleased to have returned.


  1. A great variety of evocative photos today. The restaurant seems to have a wide and eclectic menu. Those “chunky chips” seem to be just that. They’re probably what we call steak fries here.

  2. You two collected some beautiful photos today! I feel bad for the driver that landed off the road a bit, ouch. I read the menu, I would LOVE to try the different dishes the new Inn has. Gravy, I looove gravy! ????????❤️

  3. Lovely photos, Jackie and Derrick!
    But…Aw. (sad face) Poor little car in the ditch.
    That’s a lot of recedin’ ripplin’ water! Such beautiful bovine and engaging equine! And so nice to see pups and people enjoying life!
    What a fun place to dine and chat…wonderful atmosphere, decor, menu and food!
    Ha! I love the Basket Menu “titles”!
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️

  4. I take it that perspective played some part in making your meal seem fit for a giant. 🙂

    That disappearing verge must have been a surprise for the driver.

  5. Derrick, I’m glad your pub is reborn and remains a warm, welcoming, and tasty place to dine. It took me a moment to realize that what I thought was a person with a backpack was instead a couple. It’s spring, alright. 😉

    I’m glad you are finally enjoying warmer weather, and now you can see everything in greater detail as well.

    1. Thank you so much, Alys. I forgot to take my temporary cobbled reading specs, so I couldn’t see my food properly 🙂

        1. I have to wait until nearly the end of May to have the eyes tested again. Never mind – I’m managing

  6. I love the menus and I’m sure I would enjoy eating at the Wheel. Thank you for this one, Derrick 🙂

  7. It looks like a beautiful spring day in your area, complete with ponies and rippling, shimmering streams, ending with a good meal out. A check in the plus column!

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