It’s Beginning To Look A Little Like Winter


Today’s weather was in complete contrast to yesterday’s. Although it was even warmer, rain persisted throughout the day. For as long as I felt I could risk soaking the camera I crept around the garden with it.

The deciduous trees have now lost most of their leaves; the cryptomeria japonica is sprouting new growth; bright yellow bidens continue to bloom; camelliasย are beginning to bud; even the blackbirds have kept away from the glistening crab apples. Crazy, I know, but it is beginning to look just a little like winter.

At lunchtime Ian came to collect us and take us, via Emsworth, to Tess’s Christmas event at the Village Shop. Whatever time we get home, I don’t expect to be in a fit state for posting any more, so I’ll do a bit more tomorrow.



  1. Garden pictures are always lovely, no matter the time of year or the weather! All weather is beautiful in its own way. Lots of snow here today in Maine, about 10 inches expected, really is beautiful!

  2. We, too, have quite a bit of snow, and it is falling softly as I type this. Hope you had a splendid time at the Christmas event.

  3. “Tessโ€™s Christmas event at the Village Shop. Whatever time we get home, I donโ€™t expect to be in a fit state for posting”
    THAT’s the kind of event I like the sound of!

  4. When I first took up photography, I used to hold a light umbrella with my chin and neck to leave my hands free for the camera. I do have a packet of rain sleeves for my DSLR but have actually never used them.

  5. The photos really evoke rainy days for me. All the power of nature slightly impeded by the weather and ready to spring up later when it’s all over.

  6. I like your going out in any kind of weather, Derrick! You are really a dedicated blogger and of course, fantastic photographer.
    The camellia buds are sweet, the drops of water (described as “glistening”) on the crab apples and the tree silhouettes are all pretty. ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. It isn’t your fault, Derrick but appreciate the sympathy!
            My son (James Matthew) Jamie helped me in bitter 15 degree weather last Thursday night, my battery had died. It turned out to nerd left front tire off, my holding a shaky flashlight while he wrangled and worked to get corroded parts to give and let go of the battery. It was, after 2 trips to my affiliate of the warehouse, the auto parts store, a total of 3 hours spent together. I posted a few photos to family members and said, “This is Love!”

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  8. I love the crab apples. Saw another post with the blackbird eating the crab apples in my email. Those were great pictures too. Am so glad to catch up with your blog, always

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