Ruby And Arthur Reed


After a leisurely morning and a lunch of plentiful salad and cold meats left over from yesterday, Jackie, Ian, Becky, Matthew and I drove to the Beachcomber at Barton on Sea for coffee.

Silhouetted couple 1

The cafe was very full and the day mild enough for people to remain outside, either in the garden

Couple on bench

or seated on the clifftop within sight of the Isle of Wight.

More energetic groups, boys, and dogs exercised along the shore.

After coffee the others took Scooby further along the clifftop, whilst Jackie and I went driveabout.

Ponies on road

Ponies in the forest kept a low profile until they took it into their heads to hold up traffic on the approach to Beaulieu,

where a few swans and gulls remained on the river even though the tide was out.

Eventually we found ourselves at Hythe Marina Village, a waterside leisure development from 1986, where a weak wintry sun allowed for clear reflections on the still waters.

Sand spit

Skirting a protruding sandy spit,

Red Jet speedboat

a Red Jet boat sped across Southampton Water,

Hythe Pier railway

where I enjoyed an outside view of Hythe Pier Railway on which Jackie and I had ridden on 4th January 2015.

The Marina has to be approached from this water by means of a lock. Two vessels used this facility while we were there today.

On display on the quayside lies the R.N.L.B. lifeboat ‘Ruby and Arthur Reed’, the story of  which is told by Wikipedia here:

This evening we dined on Jackie’s excellent chicken curry and spicy basmati rice, with which I drank more of the merlot. I didn’t keep tabs on the others’ beverages.



  1. Seasons Greetings Derrick – it looks darkly wintery in those photos! I was enchanted to read yesterday’s post and see you had a fun gathering with extended family – I love a good quiz and am always most pleased when charades is by-passed!!

  2. It’s nice to see so many people enjoying the shore. I love the photo of the couple on the bench…nice capture, Derrick. Doesn’t it make you wonder what they’re talking about? 🙂

  3. Barton on the sea looks fabulous. I would love to live near the sea. You are so lucky, Derrick to have so many wonderful places to visit, and you do them justice with your outstanding photos! Happy New Year to you and your family.

  4. The perfect photographic long shot reflectionjust took my breath away, Derrick. I like the scenery full of people appreciating the water and enjoying it in various ways. The ponies are always charming.

  5. The Hythe Pier train is under threat, since the ferry service is likely to change hands, with a possible reduction of service. There’s a local campaign to try and save it. It’s the longest working pier train in the world.
    A minor correction: the RedJet is a hydrofoil (at speed, its bow raises up on quasi-water-skis). At this point in its journey, it’s not at full speed.

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