Hanging In The Air

On another dull, humid, morning Jackie continued garden maintenance while, since we may be approaching sufficient relaxation of Covid rules to necessitate un-crumpled attire, I made a start on the pressing ironing backlog. Before lunch we visited Otter Nurseries for the Head Gardener to purchase potting grit and yet more bedding plants. We then droveContinue reading “Hanging In The Air”

Surfing For Fish

Jackie has a row of shells lined up on a low stone wall. This morning as she stepped into the garden to photograph a pot of pansies underneath which are planted tulips she noticed that these shells have been tossed all over the place. This set her thinking that either the wind had wreaked havoc orContinue reading “Surfing For Fish”

Water Sports

The storm which began at mid morning yesterday continues to rage until, we are told, midnight today. This was the view from our French windows 24 hours after we had laid down the furniture. We had left the blue wooden table standing because we thought it heavy enough to withstand the gales. We were wrong.Continue reading “Water Sports”

Beach Photography

Yesterday our blogging friend Jill Weatherholt posted about EtchASketch. She asked what toys from our childhoods gave us nostalgic memories. Responding to my comment she prompted me to feature the birthday present I gave Jackie on 1st June this year. She happened to mention her father’s Christmas Santa gifts which were designed something like thisContinue reading “Beach Photography”

The Magic Circle

Yesterday afternoon I was unable to find my camera lens cap. I searched everywhere, including the garden, to no avail. This morning I spotted its outline in the hem of my dressing gown. I couldn’t fathom how it had got there, or how to extract it. Slowly, it dawned on me. Two days ago IContinue reading “The Magic Circle”

Well Worth The Effort

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE FOR ENLARGEMENT. REPEAT FOR FURTHER DETAIL Regular readers may have noticed that it is some months since we enjoyed a brunch at The Beach Hut Café on the promenade at Friars Cliff. That is because I have been unable to make the trip down from the clifftop car park. The firstContinue reading “Well Worth The Effort”

He Could Have Fooled Me

CLICK ON IMAGES IN GROUPS TO ACCESS THEIR GALLERIES THAT CAN BE INDIVIDUALLY VIEWED FULL SIZE BY SCROLLING DOWN AND CHECKING THE BOXES  AT BOTTOM RIGHT. For lunch today Jackie drove us to Steamer Point from which we walked down to the Beach Hut Café for their plentiful breakfasts of excellent quality. There was notContinue reading “He Could Have Fooled Me”

“The Seventh Wave….”

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A CLUSTER TO ACCESS ITS ENLARGED GALLERY This morning Jackie drove us to Avon Beach at Mudeford and back. Tossing up spray in their wake, the sage green waves and the brisk winds offered a couple of surfers a splendid playground, within sight of watchers on the rocky breakwater. ItContinue reading ““The Seventh Wave….””

We Didn’t Chat For Long

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A GROUP TO ACCESS ITS ENLARGED GALLERY This morning Aaron, of AP Maintenance, tackled the storm damage. He replaced the back drive barrier plants; repaired Jackie’s screen covering the five barred fence; gathered up fallen branches; and tidied up the cypress, which now looks like this. Sending wood-chips flying fromContinue reading “We Didn’t Chat For Long”

My New Haircut

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Today the temperature was unseasonably warm, and the skies overcast. Although we have a great number of flowers still blooming beyond their normal time, I chose this morning figuratively to pick a bunch of dahlias from the garden. On my way round my attention was drawn toContinue reading “My New Haircut”