Little And Large


After lunch Jackie drove me on a short forest trip, after which we shopped at Lidl for basics such as toilet rolls.


An Isle of Wight ferry boat passed the mudbank at Tanners Lane, where

the tide was so far out that the little boat that usually bobs on the water was beached.

I watched a lithe, pure white, egret stretch, then curl, its elegant neck; stab the shallow water; stretch again, shake its undulating throttle, spraying liquid; stride along the bank; and do it all again. Thus it enjoyed a late lunch.

Seaweed on breakwater

Seaweed on the wooden breakwaters indicated sea levels at high tide,

whilst two friendly women walked their Rescue lurcher who ‘has bits in him’. They were not sure of his full provenance.

Ponies 1

Keeping the grass verges at Sowley well cropped were the usual group of ponies

including Little and Large performing their routine double act.

This evening we dined on a takeaway curry from The Raj in Old Milton. We shared onion bahji starters. My main meal was prawn naga and special fried rice. Becky and I finished the Cabalié. The other didn’t drink, and I haven’t registered what they ate.


  1. Thirty years ago, my friends and I travelled 100 miles to see out first ever Little Egret and now they even breed up here. Lovely atmospheric b/ w shots!

  2. We, too, noticed how low the tide was on the River Itchen at about 3pm. There, a fairly substantial coaster-type boat was beached, apparently mid-river.

  3. Beautiful shots, Derrick. I found myself feeling sorry for the egret…he looked lonesome. The tree in the first picture of the ponies looks as though it might fall to the ground. I’m curious, is Lidi’s a small drug store or a larger department store?

  4. Great shots – hope you are all feeling better. I managed to do the double yesterday – Great White and Little Egrets. gave to admit that your photos are better. 🙂

  5. Green grass is always nice to seeing during this season. The horses with their comedy act, your with as always so amusing, Derrick.
    The black and white photos, egret and seaside are beautiful. I like your dinner choices. Curry sounds delicious and special fried rice with prawn naga. 🙂

  6. The beach pictures are all the more striking in B&W. I love the breakwater walls – they look so symmetrical and like they are standing ready for duty! Those ponies are so lovely. And your dinner sounds excellent.

  7. Do the ponies just wander, or do they get brought in at night?

    I also enjoyed the later post with pictures of joggers and the marina. I try to engage some, at least a hello, if I am not feeling too shy

  8. What a pleasant excursion, Derrick. Always so much to see on your drives. As for the ‘basics’ like toilet rolls, this reminded me that my Mom always abbreviated this to “TRs on her shopping list, just in case she dropped it and someone else found it. 😀

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