Party Time


Grey javelins were hurled from a slate sky all day today, so I went to a party.

This was for Louisa’s fourth birthday, at Gracedale Road in 1986. For the purposes of this post I will only identify

the birthday girl herself;

Becky and Sam

Becky who took charge of games like pinning the tail on the donkey drawn by me;



James A

James and Sam

and Sam and his friend James. Despite James’s efforts Sam still got in a peek  at the camera.

Sam with Mat's photo

Matthew’s portrait hangs on the wall behind his younger brother. Above and to the right of that picture, obscured by the balloons in the donkey game photograph, is the print snaffled by Alice.

Glee, bewilderment, tiredness, scuffed knees, excitement, and participation in happy games were all exhibited during an entrancing afternoon.

Louisa and Danni 1986

On the end of the roll were a few pictures of Louisa, tolerating her cousin, Danni, exploring her face with prodding fingers, as babies are wont to do.

This evening we dined on mushroom and onion omelette, chips, onion rings, bacon, and tomatoes. I finished the cabernet sauvignon.


  1. There’s nothing better than candid shots of a child’s birthday party. Lovely photos, Derrick. You know my favorite…the last one! I love the look in Louisa’s eyes.

  2. Oh, I hope those long-ago children see this post. I remember a birthday party like that myself. I can recall the cake in complete detail and the dress my aunt wore to my party. Important times.

  3. What wonderful memories. Great donkey, although he could do with a bit of fattening up. I love the little girls’ party dresses. The little poppet in the white frilly one is quite bewildered about it all, and has such an enquiring expression, but if the older one in lilac is her sister, then she has it all covered. Hopefully she explained later. I am sure all those attending would love to see these photos. And of course, that last of Louisa is a gem. Becky is such a treasure isn’t she? Is she still on nursing duties with you two?

    1. Many thanks, Gwen. Becky is still with us, and standing. As always, the parents of the children were given 5×7 prints. I hope they still have them. The donkey clearly wasn’t a New Forest one

  4. What beautiful memories! I love seeing children having fun! Your meal sounds divine! I need to make myself a mushroom and onion omelet, with all the sides except the bacon!

  5. You captured some beautiful shots of the children. How wonderful. Did you say the kids go home with a print? Is that of themselves during the party? If so, I think that is a great idea. I have friends who have a summer Tiki party every year, and set up a homemade photo booth. It’s a remarkably smooth-functioning booth, as the man is a technological whiz. A printer prints out a series of photos, and then guests have that party souvenir.

  6. Wasn’t there an earlier post with a drawing by you, and you were being silly and pinned the nose on the butt? I can’t remember the circumstances, exactly – but I know I laughed!

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