An Enforced Eviction



Early this morning the sun shone on the wall-bound wisteria aiming for the en suite bathroom.

Raindrops on tulip Diamond Jubilee 1

Lingering early raindrops rolled around the Diamond Jubilee tulips

Raindrops and fly on tulip Diamond Jubilee

onto which a thirsty fly dropped for a drink.

Rhododendron and pieris

Another rhododendron, leading the eye to the pieris on the grass, is beginning to bloom.

The day dulled over as it progressed. We spent the morning working on the garden. Jackie did some general planting and weeding, and sprinkled chicken pellets over the newly composted beds. Before you imagine otherwise, we do not keep chickens. The pellets come in a large bucket and are marketed as manure.


Vinca makes an attractive ground cover, but it does have a tendency to sprawl, take root, and make life very uncomfortable for bed-mates. So it has been for the Weeping Birch Bed. I therefore concentrated my efforts on that. Fast approaching is the warmer weather when a thinner duvet will be in order.

Ladybird on vinca
Snail and ladybird on vinca leaves
Snail on vinca leaf

A black-spotted ladybird and a tiny striped snail suffered an enforced eviction as I ejected  their shelter.

Brick pillar

Our stone urns and other containers are mounted on dry brick pillars. The ground under one of these subsided a bit last autumn and it fell over. We spent the last few minutes before lunch levelling a space and beginning to rebuild the column.

This evening we dined on succulent roast pork and apple sauce, roast sweet and savoury potatoes, with al dente carrots, cauliflower, and runner beans; followed by rice pudding and blackberry jam.  I drank Reserve des Tuguets madiran 2012, and Jackie drank Hoegaarden.


    1. Oh, me too! My husband thinks that anything that grows happily and spreads needs to be cut to the bone every year – so I don;t get as much wisteria as I’d like. : )

  1. We’re in autumn and our night time low is your day time high. Maximum today will be 23ºC, down from yesterday’s 26ºC. No wonder it looks like summer in the UK – I’ve also been squashing snails.

  2. The rolling water droplets upon the superbly beautiful white tulips with their red tips and markings was my favorite photograph while the ladybugs, thirsty fly and poor evicted snail were lingering on my mind for a moment.
    Oh, well! They will survive! 🙂

  3. Vinca is great ground cover, though I agree it needs control. We bought a wispy piece for 50p from Hampson’s bargain corner in Wakefield and three years later it had filled several large spaces and we were pulling it up.

    Roast pork sounds just the job after a hard day in the garden. 🙂

  4. Always been partial to a bit of roast pork, with or without the apple sauce, much prefer it to roast lamb which is un-Australian, but that doesn’t matter as they still call me a Pommy B. 🙂

  5. The tulips are lovely! This reminds me I promised my flower gardens I’d take care of them this year. I need to be several of me!

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