April In May


Today our April showers began. This morning Jackie continued her planting, weeding, and tidying; while I dug out a bank of sycamore seedlings dropped onto the Back Drive borders by a tree in the garden of the vacant North Breeze next door, and a large bramble from the Rose Garden.

In the variable light numerous plants like

Raindrops on saxifrage

tiny saxifrages,

various tulips,

Raindrops on honesty

honesty petals and seed cases,




Raindrops on lamium

and little lamiums sparkled with raindrops.


Others, including libertias,

Geranium Phaeum

geranium Phaeums,

Clematis Montana

clematis Montanas,


another rhododendron,

and the wisteria, were too sheltered to catch the rain.

Jackie with wisteria through kitchen window

The wisteria brightens Jackie’s view from the kitchen window,

in front of which hangs Pauline’s beautifully faceted light catcher.

The sun came and went above the garden paths, three views of which include the Florence sculpture;

Brick Path

and a fourth, the Brick Path.

This afternoon we drove around the forest.

Up on the moors we could watch the rainclouds sending down shafts of their precipitation, in darker indigo slashes, whilst the sun picked out the glowing gorse.

Tree on hill 1

I waited a while for the sun to pierce the cloud cover and play with this scene of stepped tree roots ascending a gravelly slope.

Brooding clouds, sunlight, gorse, and thatched roofs provided a dramatic entrance to Frogham,

beyond which we spotted our first pony foal of the season, its mother providing instruction in planting yourself firmly on the road. Notice its nice new shoes.

Between Godshill and Cadnam, alongside Roger Penny Way, another, adventurous, new baby kicked up its heels and rushed back to its mother on my approach, then continued to explore the terrain at a safe distance.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s luscious liver, bacon, and sausage casserole, new potatoes, carrots, and cauliflower, followed by custard tart. She drank Peroni and I drank more of the Madiran.


  1. Splendid post, Derrick. I’m so impressed with your flower knowledge. My husband and I say things, like those blue flowers are beautiful with no idea of what they’re called. Jackie’s kitchen window view is lovely.
    This sentence made me feel like I’d dropped into a novel: “Up on the moors we could watch the rainclouds sending down shafts of their precipitation, in darker indigo slashes, whilst the sun picked out the glowing gorse.”

  2. This was more-than-usual special today…just what and how you caught life being lived amid sun light and rain, new ponies and such a tree fanning out over the slope; the brilliant light catcher..and Jackie’s sink spot. Oh, the flowers, so varied. Felt like a little visit to a happy land.

  3. Jackie’s kitchen window is beautiful. As are your weather pictures! And the mare and foal. And what luck to catch one feeling its oats and kicking up its heels.

  4. A beautiful poetical description and photos of the day, and what a pleasant, peaceful view from the kitchen window! I love the pony foal and her mother. 🙂

  5. Feels like we’re just getting to March around here 🙂 … loved the baby kicking up its heels … and that magnificent spreading tree … all splendid.

  6. I always think that to have a proper butter dish (as I spied next to your kettle) is a sign of sophistication, good taste, and class. (I too have one very similar!) My mother always said that a true gentleman is someone who uses a butter knife when dining alone. A splendid kitchen vista!

  7. I’ve been off-line all day, but I’m glad I managed to squeeze in a quick visit. How thrilled was I to see the light catcher hanging in the kitchen window with that gorgeous vista! I hope it makes nice sparkles and comet and rainbows for Jackie while she slav…….. er, creates her gourmet delicacies 🙂

    1. She is. She sent out several as ‘prizes’ about a year ago. Each of the little charms has something to do with gardening, cooking, wine, photography, (English) tea – all thoughtfully chosen for us.

  8. The first pony foal was so cute and adorable! I liked how he looked back at you and also how cozy he was with his mum.
    The geranium Phaeum blooms dropping down were so exquisite.
    I love Pauline’s emerald and diamond dangler which Jackie may view while in the kitchen. Thank you for sharing it with us, as well as being her patrons. 🙂

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