Sunshine And Showers (2)


Knowing that we were to expect heavy rain all weekend, and that the first hour or two this morning would offer sunshine and showers, we drove out to Mudeford seeking what light there was.


This proved to be interesting. The sun came and went, offering dramatic cloudscapes over the sea;

Beach huts

over the beach huts;

Mudeford, clouds 2

over the harbour;

Mudeford clouds

and over the small town.

Car going through pool

Recent downpours had left pools for cars to drive though.

Boats moored 1

Moored boats bobbed on the choppy wavelets in the sheltered waters,


over which sped a powered vessel.

Waterlogged boat 1

A number of little rowing boats had filled with water

Capsized boat

or capsized.

Gulls (juvenile) on upturned boat

One, overturned, provided a resting place for juvenile gulls.

Setting up stall 1Mallet and staySetting up stall 2Open carSetting up stall 3

We felt sympathy for holidaymakers wrapped in waterproofs, and even more for the intrepid stallholders setting up for the weekend’s Art and Craft Fair.

Mudeford, jogger

Almost oblivious of the industry going on around them, a jogger,

Dog walkers

a pair of dog walkers,

Couple on shore

and a loving couple, continued about their business.


A heap of bright red paddle boards awaited rental customers.

Crab potsCouple looking at crab pots

The usual fishing paraphernalia lined the quayside. This couple examined

Crab pot 1Crab pots 2

crab pots;

Ropes and linesRopes, rusty stakes, buoy

ropes and lines;


fluttering flags;

Buoys 1

and buoys reflecting sunlight

Buoy and reflection

or themselves mirrored in pools,

Queuing for ferry 1Queuing for ferry with reflection

as were visitors following the first young lady forming a queue for the ferry.

Couple looking out to sea

Around the side of the quay the couple I had just passed gazed out to sea.

Backlit figures on quayBacklit figures on quay – Version 2

The most dramatic light of the visit fell on a group beside the car park.


As we left Mudeford for a late breakfast at Friar’s Cliff’s Beach Hut Café, three sail boats set out to sea.


They had made it safely to Friar’s Cliff by the time we reached there.

Concrete plinth base

On the cliff top at Steamer Point lie three very large circular concrete bases.

Military communication satellite station plaque

Their story is now explained on an engraved metal plate fixed to a rock.

This evening we dined on chicken tikka and boiled egg salad. Well, we had had a large, late, fried breakfast. Jackie drank Hoegaarden, and I drank more of the malbec.




  1. I enjoyed the diverse scenes and people in this post, Derrick. I love the last few black and white photos as well as the beauty in the different clouds displayed in the color photos.
    Those circles at Steamer Point were interesting parts of history. Military satellite systems from in WWII up through the 80’s is a long span of usage. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. The opening shots of the gathering clouds have an almost Constablesque feel to them – that huge sky is quite ominous! We’ve just had a ‘weather event’ here for the past three days, including civil emergency, landslides, road chaos, evacuations and helicopter rescues of young intoxicated folk going out to watch the flood waters rise and getting stranded in their cars……… alcohol and hypothermia make not good pairing I now understand! (I was safe and sound the whole time so I’m feeling very grateful!).

  3. The “loving couple, continued about their business” – Did he find any nits in her hair I wonder?
    “The most dramatic light” is certainly a stunning picture!

  4. Those are very engaging images and wonderfully exposed too. The monochrome shot with the silhouetted couple in the middle beside the car park is a beauty. The fishing paraphernalia is amusing. I had never witnessed crab pots before. Thanks for the outing, Derrick!

  5. Hey, Derrick! 🙂
    With the sun coming and going your pictures are really beautiful. The dramatism of the light is awesome. It’s like a game hide&seek.
    Mo-hugs <3

  6. Just wonderful Derrick.. even the rain doesn’t dampen our spirits.. Like you Sunshine and showers here also.. So enjoyed the photo’s of your morning.. Such wonderful observations, and loved the light in the car park and the reflections in the water.. Those crab pots too… I bet those sailing boats got plenty of wind in their sails..
    My Dahlia’s survived the strong winds too, just one caught a gust and snapped a large bottom stem off, so can not grumble.. Especially when we saw what happened in the Cornish village the other day with the flash flooding they had..
    Sending thoughts your way for a pleasant Sunday.. The Sun is now starting to shine after a long day and night of rain. yesterday xx

  7. Such dramatic, stunning sky and seascapes, Derrick! Thank you. I can’t decide which I like best.

    We walked in the garden of a different Christ Church on Saturday in the heat, and early this morning, a thunderstorm woke me up.

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