Fifteenth Anniversary


Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 1

This morning we set off on the Bisterne Scarecrow Festival Trail. At each end of the road through the village and its environs a town crier announced the event.

Various outlets sold leaflets listing the entries with a map showing their locations. The price was £1 in aid of the Village Hall. Most scarecrows sported a receptacle for donations to the same cause. We bought ours from Tyrell’s Ford Country Inn. As this was the last stop on the route, we carried on our search in reverse order, although my photographs are here presented starting at number 1.

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 12

This was The Scarecrow with no Name!! outside Old School House. It didn’t look much like Clint Eastwood.

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 18Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 14Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 13

24, Dragon Cottages was responsible for both no. 2, We’re all going on a Summer Holiday;

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 15

and no. 3, We have gone to Pot.

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 16

Gangsta Grannie resided at 23, Dragon Cottages. It was a neat touch to provide her with a walking frame.

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 17

A punster was responsible for Country Life is in the Jean’s (sic).

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 25

Charlie the Train was a recycling of Thomas the Tank Engine featured four years ago. An engineer stands in the cab;

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 40

the prospective passenger behind him can be seen through a window;

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 26

and a signalman waits outside. This exhibit was produced by the residents of 71, Lower Kingston.

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 27

A subtle wit was employed for I’m just Cheese (Cheese straws – Get it?), at Clover Cottage, 16 Lower Kingston.

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 41Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 28

It was particularly breezy at White House, Kingston, where Crow Farm was situated. The farmer had lost his hat and his wife swizzled on her stick.

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 29

I picked up and replaced the hat (seen beside the wall in the first picture) and the wind righted the good lady. They seemed rather pleased.

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 30

There was a Hive of Activity outside Iona, 18 Christchurch Road. Witticisms were written on tags attached to some of the bees,

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 31

and other clever details, such a bridal couple.

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 32

A leggy spider is Surfing the Web outside 221, Christchurch Road,

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 33

while on the green across the road cheeky Peekaboo Pikachus enlivens the shrubbery.

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 34

Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson peers from the garden of 6 New Road.

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 35

By the cattlegrid in the forest on Charles Lane we have Not Forest Rangers it’s the Power Rangers.

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 36

3 Little Pigs inhabit the brick sitting room outside Rose Cottage, 51 Bagnum. Mum’s photograph stands on the mantelpiece, and a notice asks visitors if they can find

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 37

the Big Bad Wolf.

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 39

At 37, Sandford, Country Fun portrays the television programme Country File. Each of the figures,

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 24

for example John Craven, carries a photographic image of a presenter.

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 19

On the big oak trees in Dragon Lane hang an explanatory notice about Whispering Wood

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 20Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 21

and half a dozen pairs of eyes fashioned from car parts.

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 23Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 22

A Tin Can Alley had been set up outside 39, Sandford, in Roll Up Roll Up.

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 38

Another work that invites us to a further search is Noah’s Ark in the grounds of St Paul’s Church.

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 7Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 8Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 11Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 9Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 10

We failed this one, because we only found five of the six pairs of animals.

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 5

The Blue Planet appears somewhat out of its element outside the driveway to the Stable Family Trust.

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 6

Wonder Woman had lost one of her amulets in the grass of Garden Cottage,

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 3

while another unlikely American symbol, Humpty Trumpty, sat on a wall

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 2

in the grounds of Tyrell’s Ford, above a snoozing Mexican.

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival 4

A fifteenth wedding anniversary was being celebrated outside Lower Bisterne Farm.

The Three Tuns 3The Three Tuns 2The Three Tuns 1

Having completed our tour we just had time for lunch in The Three Tuns at Bransgore.

Jackie enjoyed a burger, chips, and salad; while I chose superb Mudeford haddock and sea bass in an excellent sauce served with a crisp range of vegetables. My lady drank Peroni while I drank Ringwood’s best bitter. As usual, this rendered an evening meal unnecessary.



  1. Fabulous! Living in New Mexico, I laughed out loud at Humpty Trumpty…a perfect replica. Very fun. Thanks for sharing, Derrick.

  2. When I next travel to ol’ Blighty, I will remember these dates so I can see this display in the flesh. Absolutely guaranteed to make a body smile.

      1. Do you know, I think Frank would have loved the idea of the weird and wonderful scarecrows, and delighted in searching for them all ~ the scarier the better!

  3. That was fulsome entertainment, Derrick. I enjoyed most of them, especially the elaborate ones like ‘Country File’. But Mr Humpty Trumpty sitting on the wall above a snoozing Mexican takes the cake. Thanks for the fun!

  4. Great fun, Derrick! Quite a lot of work into some of these too! Brilliant photos – thanks for the amble through the village where birds tremble and fear to visit!! 🙂

  5. What a tour! So much fun and creativity. And, I expect you know that many of us across the pond are hoping will happen to Humpty Trumpty. Metaphorically speaking of course.

  6. Like the sound of your fish dish, and choice of beer.
    I reckon with the amount of weight I’ve lost I’d be a shoo-in to win first prize as a scarecrow! A living walking talking bag-a-bones

  7. What a great festival! I am not surprised to see The Orange One mounted on top of a wall. At least you can laugh with us over here. The alternative is to cry. 🙂 Great photos, Derrick. 🙂

  8. Fantastic! Is this an annual event? A fund raiser? Or just a ‘fun’ raiser? So many to like, but I did enjoy the 4 bending over and aiming their buns at the viewer. I got a laugh from the Trump (Humpty Dumpty), as well. All in good fun.

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