“I Buy Dat”


The weight of traffic through Lyndhurst and on the A27 meant that the journey to Upper Dicker on the way to Poppy’s birthday celebration took 4 hours in contrast to the normal two and a half that the return trip occupied. Fortunately we left home early enough to spend the afternoon there.

Poppy drawing on paving

When we arrived our granddaughter was occupied with coloured chalks drawing on the paving stones in the garden.

Poppy and pink dress

Jackie and I had brought her a couple of ballerina dresses. She liked them both,

Poppy and red dress

Poppy 2

but it was the deep red one that she proudly chose to wear on this occasion.

Tess and PoppyPoppy 1

She is very fond of her food, and now needs little assistance, here rendered by Tess, to unwrap a biscuit. She thought her hat complemented that of her mother.


Plenty of balloons testified to the festive occasion.

Poppy with balloon 1Poppy with balloon 2Tess and Poppy

Becky and Ian gave her a helium filled one that was a great hit. Tess inconspicuously prepared a splendid spread of grilled steaks and various tasty salads. Mat was in charge of beverages, and thought it a good wheeze to offer me a local beer named Old Man brewed by the Long Man Brewery. I enjoyed it.

Poppy and mirror

Poppy’s aunt and uncle also gave her a suitably decorated mirror which she gave several nose prints.

Poppy, bubbles, Becky, Scooby 1

Poppy, bubbles, Becky, ScoobyPoppy, Tess, Becky, bubbles

Another of their presents was a battery-operated bubble machine.

Poppy operating bubble machinePoppy and bubbles

She soon got the hang of operating this.

Poppy asleep


Soon, a sleep was in order, until

Poppy and birthday cake 1

Tess’s delicious birthday cake was produced.

Poppy, Tess and birthday cake 1Poppy and birthday cake 2Poppy, Tess, and birthday cake 2

Although the birthday girl was persuaded to blow out one candle herself, she needed Ian’s assistance because she was far more interested in prising of the M & Ms and popping them into her mouth.

Matthew told us the story of the blue hat. He and Poppy had visited a charity shop in Emsworth with Becky a few days ago. Spotting the hat, Becky had placed it within Poppy’s line of sight. Her niece grabbed it and tottered off with it to the changing room, from which emanated “I like dat. I buy dat”. Out she came. Her Dad gave her the necessary dosh. Over to the counter she trotted, slapped the money on the wooden surface and said “I buy dat, lady”

Jackie and I needed no further food or drink, other than water, this evening.




  1. So sweet. Poppy is adorable- I love the hat story. This week was book week here which meant dressups. My boy had 3 costumes over 3 days – cat in the hat, bob the builder, and tikki tikki tembo (which I’ve since learnt is racist and not a genuine folktale that it claims to be). Anyway, my point being, he really wanted to go as a ballerina but we didn’t have a tutu lying about.

      1. You’re welcome. Yes, I love an excuse for dress up. Would have gone a little crazy with it if I’d had more notice but only found out on the monday afternoon of the dress up week. Looking forward to halloween! 😊

  2. Now, Derrick! Did we decide someday my grandson Hendrix should meet the sweet, adorable Poppy? She is a charming, smart little ballerina princess. πŸ‘‘
    They would have fun, playing and being the center of everything!
    I will post a reference to this with Hendrix’s giggling over his birthday cake. I must admit the two grandies are blessed with good families. πŸ’ž

  3. Enchanting! I adore the story of the blue hat (and well done Poppy for picking the tutu that matches your name πŸ™‚ )

  4. What a perfectly splendid day, Derrick. I’m glad the weather cooperated. Poppy in that dress and the hat! Old Man beer made me chuckle, and I can imagine your expression when it was handed to you. πŸ™‚ You chronicled this day so well. It’s a wonderful record for the delightful Poppy to have.

  5. Happy birthday to the most adorable little red Poppy I have ever seen! Oh, she is cute.

  6. She is way too cute and what a lovely story. One of my granddaughters spent her second birthday hiding under the table. When she’d had enough of everybody she wandered off to chat to a tree. She’s nearly fifteen now and laughs when she hears the story. She has grown into a special person. It will be interesting to watch how Poppy develops. She is off to a good start, surrounded by so much love ❀️

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  8. A four-year-old’s perfect birthday party. How Poppy must have twirled in the adorable ballerina outfits you and Jackie gifted her! Haha! Who could resist m&m candies on a cake? πŸŽ‚

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