Second Milestone Of 1992


I was born when my mother was nineteen. Later in the year she reached her twentieth birthday, and on 2nd of October 1992, her three score years and ten.

Today I scanned some colour negatives from 4th of October 1992 made at Mum’s 70th birthday party.

Danni, Louisa, Mum, Jacqueline 4.10.92Mum, Elizabeth (Louisa) 4.10.92Mum and Danni 4.10.92Mum and Chris 4.10.92

Two little girls in the form of Louisa and Danni clung to their Grandma for the present opening. Jacqueline stands by in the first picture; Elizabeth is in the background of the second; and Chris appears to be showing his Mum where to go.

Mum, Jessica, Jacqueline 4.10.92

Here, Jessica and Jacqueline watch the birthday girl open my present.

Mum, James, Elizabeth, Mark, Jack junior, Sam, Danni 4.10.92Mum, James, Sam, Elizabeth, Mark, Jack junior 4.10.92

Che was Mum’s first great-grandchild. His father, James, uncle, Mark, and cousins, Jack junior and Sam look on with awe as she unwraps a print I produced from a photograph I had taken at her previous birthday party when Louisa and Danni were introduced to the latest family member,

Danni, Mum, Sam, Che 4.10.92

who was also shown his earlier image.

Elizabeth 4.10.92

Here are Elizabeth,

and James in individual shots;

and Becky doing a passable imitation of Stan Laurel.

Sam, Adam, Jessica, and Danni look on

while the children’s grandmother prepares to slay her cake.

This morning, Ann of Kitchen Makers visited to measure up for a quotation for a new kitchen.

Immediately after lunch I set off for Luci’s in Clapham. We will check over documents this evening; I will stay overnight; and the next day we will sign probate paperwork for Wolf’s will.


34 thoughts on “Second Milestone Of 1992

  1. As I read through this post I was musing on the fact that you have kept such a strong and consistent record of your family and city and the changes that time brings …… historians will love you in years to come. I do hope we will get to see before and after shots of the kitchen …… I LOVE new kitchens!! 🙂

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