Tackled In Vain


Pass in the air

Today’s set of scanned colour negatives from October 1992 is of Newark Rugby Club Under Thirteens v. Paviors. Here, the home side’s scrum half gets the ball away as he hits the deck. This is the player whose job is to receive the oval ball from the scrum and pass it on.

Passing the ball

This time it is a Paviors player who makes a pass.

Gumshield wearer with ball 1Gumshield wearer with ball 2

One determined Newark lad seems to have a loose gum shield;

A Pavior passing

another’s tackle fails to prevent a Pavior pass.

Break by fullback

Here the home full back charges into the opposition. The full back is the last line of defence, and will often consider attack to be the best option.

Chasing the ball carrier

This targeted chase

A tackle

results in a successful tackle,

Breaking with the ball

whereas this fleet lad eludes one.

Chasing gumshield wearer

Oh. Oh. There goes that gum shield again.

Tackling the gumshield wearer

and again.

Sam breaks

Although you can’t see it, Sam, with the knee-strapping, has actually made a break with the ball.

Breaking with the ball

Contrary to appearances, the referee is not about to tackle this red-head,

Facing a tackle

although this opposition member is.

No 12 has the ball

Number 12. in the centre, has the ball here.

Receiving a pass

Such an effort goes into this tackle, but the Newark player still makes a successful pass.

A pass

Here is another.

In the actionGetting away

Breaking with the ball 3

When a player gets clean away with the ball we term it a break.

Legs in ruck

This is what a worm’s eye view of a scrum looks like. Note the strapped knee,

Sam tackled

belonging to Sam, who, defending manfully, is tackled,

Sam tackled early

passes the ball, and is then tackled late. A tackle is deemed late when the scragged player  no longer holds the ball on impact.  Given the amount of opposition bearing down on the Newark line, the ensuing penalty comes in rather handy.

Girls in changing room

Rugby cheerleaders wear warm clothing and often repair to the pavilion to do something more interesting.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s fiery pork paprika, wild rice, and steaming broccoli. She drank Hoegaarden and I drank Patrick Chodot Fleurie 2014.





  1. Your photos and commentary are so engaging that even I who has never seen the point of this game, became engaged! Your photos are so clear that the muscle tension in those churning legs and faces is obvious.

  2. I don’t know anything about rugby (make that any sports) 🙂 , but they certainly seemed full of energy. My younger daughter had a female housemate who played rugby in college.

  3. Wonderful photos of the sports. it makes me feel ashamed that I hadn’t taken any photos of my boy’s football game. All I have is some photos of him in football uniform.

  4. What a beautiful set of memories, I am sure they will be looked back on with fondness, and the wondering how energetic young boys were.. With a thought of ‘ Did I really run that fast?’ lol..
    I remember my own Hockey games days.. lol.. but not so fond of all the bruised shins.. lol
    Wishing you a great weekend Derrick..

  5. That brings back memories – either the kids playing against Newark, or in the case of Number One Son – also playing for them at U18.

    They are currently rebuilding the clubhouse to celebrate their centenary in 2019.

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