Aaron Knows The Score


We have experienced an intermittently leaky kitchen extension roof since we arrived here. The amount of infiltration has depended upon the wind direction rather than the quantity of precipitation. One person has already allegedly repaired it – not very effectively.

Sid mending roof 1Sid mending roof 2

Sid, a very personable extra pair of hands, has joined Aaron in AP Maintenance. Today he mixed up cement and mended the roof properly.

Aaron removing stump 1Aaron with chainsaw

Aaron pruned a straggly climbing rose, and cleared more of the West Bed including stripping dead and intrusive growth from another palm, and sawing off an exposed tree stump we hadn’t known was there. When I told him that Sid had spotted a cracked tile and asked if we had any more, and I had replied that we had, but I would need to ask Jackie where they were, Aaron gave her yet another title. “The Maintenance Department”, said our friend, who knows the score.

Just to show willing, I assisted The Head Gardener in her general maintenance tasks this afternoon by occupying myself dead-heading.

Dahlias 1Dahlias 2

This is, of course, the season for showy dahlias


bright, bushy, chrysanthemums,


and snaking nasturtiums;


but I am surprised to see honeysuckle rising again in both back and front gardens.



Begonia 1Begonia 2

and begonias cling on to life;

Fuchsia Mrs Popple

and fuchsias like Mrs Popple dangle away.


We have some multicoloured Rudbeckia;

Salvia Hot Lips

the aptly named salvia Hot Lips;


and long-lived cosmoses.

Rose For Your Eyes Only

The apparently everlasting For Your Eyes Only keeps company in the Rose Garden with

Rose Just Joey

fresh flushes of Love Knot,

Rose Laura Ford

Laura Ford,

Rose Mamma Mia

and Mamma Mia.

Butterfly Small White on verbena bonarensis

The Small White butterflies are still enjoying the verbena bonarensis,

Bee on clematis

and bees still gather pollen provided by such as this clematis.

Turfcutter's Arms (Jackie)

This evening we returned to the Turfcutter’s Arms

Roast belly of pork meals

for a roast pork dinner. Jackie drank Peroni and enjoyed a chocolate sponge dessert with ice cream; my choices were Ringwood’s Best and fruit crumble with custard.




  1. So pleased you have got your leaky roof repaired properly.. And so much colour is still in our gardens… And loved your Begonias, cosmos, fuchsias and roses.. Hope you escaped the heavy down pouring of storms today Derrick.. we had thunder and hail this afternoon.. But we managed to get some gardening done this morning..
    Have a great week.. Sue πŸ™‚

  2. Those kinds of roof are the very devil with minimal slope to keep the water from banking up in the wind β€” glad you found an expert. I like the idea of that fruit crumble.

  3. Autumnal colour is creeping into the garden, those Rudbeckia are just fabulous! I think there has to be a new catch-all title, or perhaps a catchy acronym, for your fair lady Derrick – what we have now is becoming rather cumbersome and one wouldn’t want to leave anything off……

  4. The first one of the images popped right out of the screen!

    I was amused when you talked about the earlier alleged repair. How annoying is that! Aaron is apparently a capable general of his art but he is smart enough to look up to The Maintenance Department. Back in our place, ‘Home Ministry’ is a rather a popular appellation. Glad you could make to the ‘Turfcutter’s Arm’. Somehow the name always reminds me of a short story by Jeffrey Archer.

  5. Sid and Aaron should thrive. It is so difficult to get decent handymen to work honestly and effectively. Getting them to turn up on time is usually beyond the capabilities of most of them.

    1. As a child my favourite sandwich was made with nasturtium leaves, proper butter and just a sprinkle of salt, yummy. They are a little peppery in salads and the flowers decorate anything!

  6. Glad you got a knowledgable hand on the roof. I love the flowers, and am particularly fond of geraniums. I love how they burst in the fall, a moment of glory before they must die away. At least they do here in the American South!

    1. Pelargoniums (to give them their correct name) do die here too, but are so easy to take cuttings from and this year I am determined to get plenty for next year, I have to use my newly built and rather posh, greenhouse!

  7. Sorry about your roof, but love and adore your fall garden. Mine is falling but offering lots of remaining nectar for the coming now Hummingbirds, migrating Monarchs, slow moving bees and I so love this time. Really focused on your Salvia Hot Lips, most of my lips are still red. May I Haiku the saliva? Your begonias framed by the whicker chair is moving me to words as well. Another winner.

  8. They just bung the food on the plate don’t they!

    No thought given to presentation, bung it on; shove it out, seemingly swimming in gravy!

    I suppose they’d support my mothers words when she ‘dished-up”; “it’s going to be bigger mess where it’s going”
    Still I suppose it tasted alright, did it? πŸ™

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