“Google It”


Soon after 8 a.m. pink fingers groped along the light grey clouds over Downton

while the sun itself remained largely out of sight behind trees. Slowly the sky brightened, but that was the last glimpse of the sun, and rain set in at noon.

This morning I finished writing the Christmas cards, and posted them on the way to lunch at Helen and Bills home at Poulner, where we were joined by Shelly and Ron.

A hold up on Ringwood Road turned out to have been caused by an injured deer seated on the verge, and attended by a couple beside a stationary car with its hazard lights flashing.

Crow Lane crows

On the corner of Crow Lane a murder of the birds perched in a tree.

Ron, Shelly, Jackie, Derrick, Bill

Helen took this photograph of the rest of us tucking into her intriguing pork roasted with fruit including oranges and prunes; roast potatoes and parsnips, asparagus, runner beans, cauliflower, and carrots with red onions. The excellent fare was enhanced by very tasty gravy.

During the meal, crackers were pulled with a certain amount of trepidation; the contents being investigated with both interest and glee.

We had been greeted with warm punch on arrival and red and white wines were consumed with the dinner. A remarkably light steamed ginger pudding and soft, firm, raspberry mousse were the desserts.

We continued with animated conversation. In order to demonstrate that we are very firmly established in the 21st century, whenever we were either at a loss for, or in disagreement about a fact or opinion, someone was bound to say “Google it”.


  1. Oh you modern septuagenarians – except for Jackie of course! I like the header photo that infers that whatever was being looked up supplied an answer congruent with expectations of all concerned……… Heavens, I think I ate a dictionary this morning!!

  2. One of my favourite dishes was pork neck stuffed with prunes and apple and then slow roasted. I used to have a favourite butcher who knew exactly the piece of meat and its preparation. Can’t do such a thing buying from a supermarket. I must try to locate a good butcher again sometime. Helen put on a good spread and no wonder Jackie looks so happy. For once she wasn’t doing the cooking!

  3. I hope the deer survived. The dinner looks and sounds delicious (particularly the ginger sponge) and my favourite pictures is the cracker pulling …. people often have such funny expressions waiting for the ‘crack’ and you have captured a vintage one!

  4. Scrummy! And we do the same thing when we don’t know the answer to something, but we use our phones instead. πŸ˜‰

  5. Ah, the gleeful Jackie with her hands clasped — lovely! What fun with the crackers!! You Brits know how to party — despite the trepidation and all πŸ˜€

  6. I had to read your meal presentation a couple of times, it sounds pure delicious in every way.
    Good food and good company, you are very fortunate Derrick.

  7. I spied Jackie in a side portrait, was hoping she wasn’t ill! I had looked for all I could remember in the gathering. . . A lovely and fun gathering!
    Yes, current choice is Google it rather than my Dad telling us to look it up in the Encyclopedia Brittanica. I’m sure we did get a lot of use of those heavy tomes. . . 😊

  8. What a lovely gathering, Derrick, full of good food and good company.
    I agree with the comments above about how you look devious (just a bit) πŸ˜‰ and Jackie looks so joyful. I love the mix of tradition with modern technology. It is clear that you all enjoyed yourselves!

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