In Lindum House Garden


When conversing with Flo about a set of photographs made at Lindum House in Newark some years ago, she told me that they were taken when she was a little older than I had thought. I then realised that I should have been looking for colour slides, not the negatives I had presumed lost. I scanned the pictures produced in May 2005.

Those I had particularly remembered were of our granddaughter playing with a frog from the pond, which aroused the interest of Matthew’s dog, Oddie.


Mat had also come up for a visit.


Louisa and Errol enjoyed a game of tennis. Oddie tried hard to join in.

Drinks were taken on the picnic bench.

Flo joined in the tennis, then,

no longer needing a push, enjoyed a swing. By now she had changed her attire,

as did Louisa and Errol, for an evening out.

This afternoon the four of us went shopping at Castle Point, near Bournemouth. We drove round and round the packed car park for ages before managing to leave the cars and do battle with other sales shoppers. New clothes for Flo, and a new handbag for Jackie were purchased.

This evening we all dined on Jackie’s delicious beef in red wine; mashed potato and swede, new potatoes, carrots, and runner beans. Ian drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Bordeaux.



  1. The old photos show a fun and spirited young girl, the frog and dog quite lively. The photo of Flowers leaning with frog in hand was my very favorite of this 2005 collection.
    Then, I enjoyed the beautiful couple, Errol and Louisa, who show a glowing appearance with radiating smiles and countenances.
    I enjoyed your description of shopping but felt bad about the challenge in parking.

  2. From frogs to frocks, your Flo is adorable. I love going barefoot in the grass, although, a bit tricky if running for a tennis ball 😀 I’m much better at Badminton. We had an excellent spot for rounds in a neighbouring yard where I used to live in the country. Sadly, our city lot is much to small now, but it sure looks fun! Cheers, Boomdee

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