49 thoughts on “The Big Sea

    1. He got quite a few, one of which was the Newark Advertiser, appearing behind Lewis. I approached Samsonite – they declined. Since he won the race they missed out. Many thanks, Pauline

  1. What a story! Very poignant, especially in light of those who died far too young from this dreadful disease.

  2. A young friend of ours rowed the Atlantic for charity, with one mate, about then. Following them (by email I think) was one of the scariest experiences I can remember – and we were safe on shore.

    1. When was that, Hilary? In 2004 Sam was the first solo rower home and only one of the pairs arrived before him. The Ocean Rowing Society tracked them on their website which we could check every day. Sam phoned me once a week on his satellite phone. Thanks very much.

  3. It still tears my eyes to imagine losing a Mum to cancer so young for your children. The combination of the Big Sea and Big C is a brilliant and gorgeous designed logo, Derrick.
    The photos are all so entertaining and colorful!

    1. It was 2004, Crystal. Sam won the solo race and even only one team of pairs came in ahead of him. 3.000 miles, 59 days. In the process he got in the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest ever rower of an ocean at the time. Thanks very much

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