Cerebral Harley Davidsons (Before WordPress 10)

Here is my Facebook diary entry for 5th May 2012:

Two goldfinches and a wren were also spotted in the garden before we departed for The Firs, Elizabeth’s home in West End, near Southampton. The day was brighter by then, the journey enhanced by fresh plumage on the trees since last weekend, and the countryside coverlet now lit up by fields of rape.

Bikers were beginning to congregate at their cafe at East Meon, as we drove up the winding hill which sports loads of signs saying ‘Think Bike’. If you ask me it’s bad enough having thinking computers and mobile phones without having cerebral Harley Davidsons.

On the outskirts of Bishops Waltham we sat behind a steam engine bringing back memories of a childhood in Raynes Park as it crawled along blowing clouds of steam into the air and frustrating modern motor cars in a hurry.


      1. I saw Duel. Pure, unadulterated tension, from first minute until the last. Must see. Unless you have an anxiety issue, then take a pill first, or a glass of wine.

  1. Was Facebook the catalyst to start a blog? Curious, as that’s how I launched into blogging, by writing long FB posts until someone suggested a blog might be a better platform. I’ve always thought of Harley’s as more brawn than brain – the bully of motorbikes but as usual your wit made me grin.

  2. Harleys do have a bit of a tough reputation. But those riders always waved to my father, who in his later years rode a Honda Gold Wing, one of the cream puffs of the biking world. Love the header photo.

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