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Here is my Facebook diary entry, with supplement, for 7th May 2012:

Brunch today in the tea room of the Chesapeake antiques centre in Wickham. It was such a miserable day that it was reminiscent of endless afternoons in May during my cricketing days, when we hung around hoping for the rain to stop so we could play, eventually giving up and disconsolantly going home at about 4 o’clock. The difference this time was that it did brighten up when we got back so that we could get in some gardening. I did further work on the new bed.

Danni Keenan made a delicious turkey and veg. curry followed by baked apples.

Rupert the Bear pageRupert the Bear page

Elizabeth spent some time pricing and packaging two Rupert annuals from the 1940s for a Charity shop she helps. A fascinating piece of social history, Rupert Bear being a character familiar to most, if not all, living English people; and the soft covers of these volumes reflecting the unavailability of board for covers during and just after the Second World War.

(The following paragraph added 7th May 2018)

‘Rupert Bear is a children’s comic strip character created by the English artist Mary Tourtel and first appearing in the Daily Express newspaper on 8ย November 1920. Rupert’s initial purpose was to win sales from the rival Daily Mail and Daily Mirror. In 1935, the mantle of Rupert artist and storyteller was taken over by Alfred Bestall, who was previously an illustrator for Punch and other glossy magazines. Bestall proved to be successful in the field of children’s literature and worked on Rupert stories and artwork into his 90s. More recently, various other artists and writers have continued the series.’ (Wikipedia) The illustrated page is by Alfred Bestall.

As we had parked under a tree at Wickham the passenger side roof and windows were spattered by, given that cows don’t fly, the droppings of a very large bird.

Now I am going to have a moan. Nic O’Beirne had the temerity to beat me at Scrabble – and it’s not the first time. She clearly has no respect.


  1. Wonderful! I enjoyed how Rupert Bear is quite poetic. Hmm. Good thing there are no flying dragons, as well, or your windshield would have taken a greater beating!

  2. I once turned down a job as Paul and Linda McCartneyโ€™s personal assistant. The fact that I was told he owns Rupert Bear was a factor …. that bear is a national treasure and rights or no rights is owned by all who adore him. This vignette is brought to you from my new home of which news and an end to my flatline blogging wise shortly! Hope all is splendid in your own forest!

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