Great Nephews


Many of the blooms on the still quite small pink rhododendron, seen in this sculpture’s eye view from Five Ways, are now fully open.

Others recently flourishing include the yellow tree peony, various geraniums, and elegant libertias.

The flamboyant red and yellow tulips are changing their hues with age, while the euphorbias have reached full sculptural maturity.

A clematis Montana festoons the mauve lilac tree.

Orange poppies lead the eye to the marigolds alongside the greenhouse. Similarly the heuchera alongside the Dead End Path echos the recently flourishing copper beach leaves.

This latter path is visible from the patio where we sat with Helen, Shelly, Billy and Max who visited us this morning.

Although his usual cheerful self, poor little Max has chicken pox, so he was a bit thirsty and drowsy. Helen administered the bottle.

Billy was as active as ever, manoeuvring his vehicles, wandering about the garden, and munching chocolate bars. The two boys are Helen’s grandsons and Shelly, Jackie, and my great nephews.

This evening we dined on prawn toasts and Jackie’s superb egg fried rice with a rack of pork ribs in barbecue sauce followed by Easter bread and butter pudding. Should anyone wonder what this is, I would ask what else would you do with weird hot cross buns purchased in error, not having realised that the currants were in fact chocolate chips, other than put them in the freezer in case they might come in useful. Jackie drank sparkling water and I drank Tesco’s finest Médoc 2016




  1. If any adults have not had chickenpox, don’t catch it. One of the worse things that ever happened to me. Max’s smile shows that it’s not so bad for kids, thank goodness!

  2. The flowers are stunning, and the boys do indeed seem great. I hope the little one is feeling better soon. Chicken pox can be awful.
    I’m sure the bread pudding was delicious.

  3. Well that’s made me want to rush out and purchase some weird variety of Easter bun and turn it into a bread pudding 🙂 Just as well it’s the wrong season! Jackie is such a creative genius in kitchen and garden. The little great-nephews are adorable!

  4. Lovely garden. Lovely kiddies. Not so lovely chicken pox. I had it as a baby too, which left one scar on the bridge of my nose. Lately I’ve noticed it getting wider and deeper which leads me to conclude my nose is growing as I age.

  5. May God bless little Max and Billy! Back in my childhood, I had a fleet of plastic automobiles which I would supplement with homemade buses and locomotives. Empty cardboard cartons, Coke bottle tops and sippring straws provided the requisite raw material, among other things. Since the supply of stuff was limited, I was known to visit neighborhood households in search of the same. I needed help of the grown ups for piercing holes in the tin bottle tops which would then serve as wheels. I had once damaged my fingers trying to accomplish the job on my own, and was banned for a considerable period from my industrial enterprise. Billy reminded me of all that today!

    I wish speedy recovery to Max.

  6. Such adorable little ones! It always amazes me that plants are found all around the world. The same plants that I view here in my garden! Your variety is just magnificent!! I love the lilacs derrick! The city I am from is called the lilac city!

  7. You got some lovely pictures of them there, Derrick! Billy especially looking quite absorbed, wasn’t he? It was a lovely visit. Thanks to you and Jax. x

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