Those Damn Flies


The Head Gardener rarely spends much money on a plant. It was therefore an event when, three years ago, she splashed out on a very poorly, potted, plant at Redcliffe Garden Centre. She was very excited this morning to report that the Dierama Angel’s fishing rod, has bloomed for the first time under the Cryptomeria tree.

The Sunday Gardener’s website Β has an excellent page on how to grow this garden gem.

This afternoon we drove around the forest.

Cyclists photographing ponies and foalPonies and foalPonies and foalPonies and foal

On Beechwood Lane near Burley we encountered a pair of cyclists photographing a group of ponies with a slumbering foal lying on the tarmac.

Spotting a bench beyond the trees under which the animals were sheltering, I walked across and perched on it to continue photographing the equine group. It was a while before I noticed that I, too, was being focussed upon.

While most of the horses were happy under their canopy,

one grey peered persistently, hungrily, at Jackie through the window of the Modus.

Quite suddenly, the whole troop, having sensed activity in the garden opposite, set off and stationed themselves, tails swishing, hopefully by the gate.

The twitching tails are the ponies’ fly whisks. I’m sure I heard this animal curse those damn flies as it violently shook its head and mane instead.

Derrick photographing from logsDerrick photographing from logsForest scene by Jackie

Once again, I hadn’t realised that Jackie was photographing me from my new vantage point on a row of logs.

Eventually, no food forthcoming, the horses set off down the lane. So did we, in the opposite direction.

Our dinner, however, was forthcoming this evening. We enjoyed breaded chicken fillets, potato wedges, baked beans and a Cimarosa New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc 2017



  1. Poor ponies with those pesky flies! I love that the little one just lies down where he is when tired and mama stands guard. It reminded me of when Siddy was just a tiny puppy and I took him to the beach. He would run and run then just go flop wherever he was and go to sleep – so funny! Luckily for him he was so small I could just pick him up and carry him home. The dierama is new to me, so I went and read up on it. It’s very pretty!

  2. Dierama Angel’s fishing rod – That is a new one to me. The only flower I know with such delicate stems is my beloved Coral Bells, but their flowers are tiny compared to this stunner. I very much appreciate Jackie’s “make do” spirit, but this one was worth a purchase for sure. Congratulations to her for nursing it back to health.

    I was VERY happy to see that baby pony up and well. I’m pretty sure those bikers stopped because they thought the poor thing was dead there on the road. I sure did.

  3. Are they ponies or horses, Derrick?

    I love the ones rubbing their heads against the tree, it looks like a pair of unicorns that are stuck!!

    I’ve never seen Dierama before, very pretty!

    1. Thanks very much, Val. They are New Forest ponies. As they are all equines I tend to drop in the word horses for a bit of variety. I’m pleased you noticed the unicorn effect

  4. Good to see you are regaining your flexibility and once more perambulating in the garden and woods – or at least staggering from bench to bench πŸ™‚
    We are back from our perambulations in North America and hopefully I will catch up with posting my tales. I’ll have to forgo attempting to catch up with all the posts that came in during our travels unfortunately. Begging your forgiveness πŸ™‚

  5. Wonderful! The ponies/horses are so beautiful! Their faces always make me smile!
    And what a beautiful day!
    Aren’t benches terrific?!
    The older I get the more I appreciate benches! πŸ™‚
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

  6. Another delightful set of garden and New Forest photographs. You ought to apply for a pay-back for the marvellous publicity you give your surrounding are.

  7. I’m sure the sure you heard right; the ponies cursing! Since Wednesday, there’s been a lot of what looks like flying ants. I mean A LOT. The disadvantage of summer are definately those bugs. Lovely photos as always, Derrick.

      1. Gosh, really?! Ick! There are so many. I came across a swarm of them yesterday. They were coming out of a crack in the ground. It was gross.
        Apologies for the typo in the previous comment. I have now decided I will no longer comment using my phone. Auto spell check is rubbish! And I’ve also noticed words are randomly being added to my sentences!

  8. Such wonderful photos, Derrick. And good for Jackie, sneaking in those shots of you. πŸ™‚
    The title of your post caught my eye because last night we started getting flies in the house–and my cousin was visiting.

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