A Good Thing I Wasn’t Waiting For A Bus


On her way to lunch with her sisters at MacPenny’s Garden Centre, Jackie deposited me, equipped with a packed lunch, a camera, and, in case of necessity, a book at the bus shelter looking down Ringwood Road in Bransgore. This was in order for me to watch the traffic.

A steady stream of cars approached the junction in front of me.

Some were open-topped. It was certainly the day for it.

Vans and trucks tended to publicise goods and services.

Pedestrians tended to walk down to the row of shops on the right side of Ringwood Road and return with purchases.

Crossing the road, especially for those with arms and buggies full of children, was quite a precarious undertaking. The moment had to be seized, although preferably not on the run with fish and chips.

Cyclists of various ages and styles were much in evidence. Some were obviously locals out shopping, others kitted out for a forest ride.

The same applies to motorcyclists.

A camper van carried its own resting place, while a hearse bore a coffin to its final one.

Bringing up the rear are the trailers which carried a variety of loads.

During the 2 3/4 hours I was perched at this spot, the only method of transport not represented at this very busy corner was a bus. It is a good thing I wasn’t waiting for one.

This evening Jackie and I dined on breaded chicken breasts, sautéed new potatoes, and a melange of fried onions mushrooms and peppers. Jackie drank Alta OItalia Trentino pinot Grigio 2017 (courtesy of John Jones), and I drank Camino del Angel Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 (courtesy of Elizabeth).



  1. The irony of sitting at a bus stop for so long seeing life and death, but no bus. Such wonderful photos though.
    I’m glad it was a nice day for you to sit there so long.

  2. “On the run with fish and chips” made me laugh. I had to search the photos ’till I found it. You are so clever how you describe your day/photos. I know that while you are photographing you must be writing in your head as well.

  3. Good morning have a nice month!!!!!!!!

    Waiting For A Bus – Poem by George C. Gates

    I can remember waiting
    For what seemed like the longest time in my life
    For the bus to arrive.

    I kept on reassuring myself:
    ‘It will come. It will be here, ‘ I told myself.
    But it never showed.

    I had nowhere to go.
    I knew that staying at the bus stop would do me no good.
    But I was scared to leave.

    And then, I remember another bus arriving.
    ‘Should I get on? ‘ I asked myself.
    What if the other bus comes and I miss it?
    I was scared; I didn’t know what to do.

    But I knew I had to take the chance.
    The other bus may have never come.
    And on that day I realized, in life, you have to take chances.
    Because if you don’t, odds are you’ll never get anywhere.

    And I realized something about the bus I decided to take:
    It took me somewhere far greater than I was originally trying to go.

    PS. Thank you for the riding without bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. HA! I snort-laughed! 😀 I’m glad you weren’t waiting for a bus! 😀

    But, you saw a lot of other cool, fun, competent vehicles!

    I might have asked for a ride in a convertible or on the back of a biker! 🙂

    Excellent photos, Derrick!!! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…Maybe all the bus drivers were on a food break! 😉 😛

    1. Many thanks, Carolyn. Around here the buses run very infrequently – sometimes one or two a week. But I’d have thought a small town would have been better serviced.

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