Snakes And Ladders

Unfortunately my internet problem has not been fully resolved. Although my own laptop had been judged innocent yesterday, it devoured 10 GB of data in less than an hour this morning, when I was answering comments on my blog.
There was nothing for it, before Peacock Computers opened shop, but to finish reading ‘Snakes And Ladders’, the second volume of Dirk Bogarde’s autobiography. It’s an ill wind…..
The book is another masterpiece of the genre. The author writes beautifully, with luscious poetic description. He uses a positive plethora of apposite adjectives and adverbs; and has a superb grasp of dialogue. The title is a metaphor for life and its ups and downs. Just as the board game relies on the luck of the dice, the actor’s career was often directed by good fortune and serendipity. In this volume he takes us from the war years to what he considered the acme of his cinematic career.

The book is generously illustrated with black and white photographs. Bogarde’s drawings are restricted to the endpapers.

‘Snakes and Ladders’ is also a perfect analogy for my struggle to maintain my daily blog. I had to wait to reach Peacock Computers until after lunch. This is because first of all I needed to keep an eye test appointment at Boots in New Milton. This took some time, partly because one of the machines failed to function at first attempt. I had been seated for the site test, but for the pressure test and photographs of the orbs, I was required to stand. Unfortunately it was not possible to raise the machines to accommodate my height, so I had to rest my chin on the necessary platform with my dodgy knees bent. It was rather a good thing that both knees had begun the day in the best condition for a long time.

Alex at Peacock offered to lend me a dongle with their password, pending a visit from James for which I would not be charged. Having been driven by Jackie into Lymington for collection, I am now using that device on my iMac. I carried the errant laptop with me. Nick, who had visited yesterday, checked the machine and discovered fresh evidence enabling him to reopen the case. The device has been refused bail and remains in custody.
Jackie is about to serve up spare ribs with the rest of yesterday’s Chinese Take Away meal. She will drink Hoegaarden and I will drink Cahors Malbec 2016. Elizabeth will wait until later. Normally I post after the meal, but I am afraid of being sent down a ladder all the way to the bottom.


  1. I thought imacs were supposed to be foolproof. My notebook makes a loud rattling sound from the fan constantly. It has done it since day one and getting it fixed requires at least four weeks away in Christchurch and my password. I decided to put up with the noise. Next one will be fanless! However, on the bright side I have limitless data and ultra-high speed internet as a result of living in a Gigatown. πŸ™‚ On your plus side it is nice to hear that Peacock’s offers good service to their customers. I haven’t read – or don’t recall reading – the second volume of Mr Bogarde’s memoirs. Nice review πŸ™‚

  2. So sorry to hear about your further internet problems. πŸ™ I hope it all gets put in order soon. That can all be very frustrating.
    Those illustrations are so captivating! I love the details! πŸ™‚ And I enjoy hearing about what you are reading.
    HUGS to all! πŸ™‚

  3. Uh, technology trouble makes me crazy. And then I feel bad, because it’s truly amazing what computers do and I know I am lucky to have one at all. Still, they make me nuts when they fail to perform.
    ” I carried the errant laptop with me. Nick, who had visited yesterday, checked the machine and discovered fresh evidence enabling him to reopen the case. The device has been refused bail and remains in custody. ” – This was a very clever bit. : )

  4. Sorry about your Internet problems. It’s so frustrating. Good luck!
    I like the details in the illustrations–captivating as someone said above is a good description.

  5. I’m usually a mild-mannered kind of woman but nothing gets my dander up quite as quickly as computers, and especially their software, not doing what they’re supposed to. Hopefully, having served their sentence the prisoner will soon be released and resume life as a model citizen. πŸ™‚

  6. Your mention of Dirk catapulted me into another visit to his letters. What an amazing mixture of soppy and waspish he was, with rich turns of phrase throughout.
    Computers is a word that should not be used in genteel company.

  7. Is it your computer or did you give permission to use your data space too often? I remember saying that those requests are malicious and you said you just allow them to get rid of the pop-ups.

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