Snakes And Ladders

TO ENLARGE THE IMAGE CLICK ON IT. THIS MAY BE REPEATED FOR FURTHER ENLARGEMENT Unfortunately my internet problem has not been fully resolved. Although my own laptop had been judged innocent yesterday, it devoured 10 GB of data in less than an hour this morning, when I was answering comments on my blog. There wasContinue reading “Snakes And Ladders”

Reflections On Main Street

Comments from American friends on my recent post, ‘An Historic High Street’, have led me to reflect on our different terms for the main shopping streets in towns. The U.S. ‘main street’ is the U.K. ‘high street’. That of New Milton is Station Road, which I visited with Ian this morning as he needed toContinue reading “Reflections On Main Street”


Clear frosty light sreaked across the lawn outside the kitchen window this morning. I walked through London Minstead to the A337 and back to meet Jackie by Seamans Cottages to be driven to Southampton.  In Seamans Lane a boy spun around on a skateboard, as I slid along on the slippery road.  A smaller ladContinue reading “Maawwah!”