Decorating A Dingy Day

Intermittent sunshine sparkled on the drizzle of an increasingly rainy day. This was just as well for Aaron of A.P. Maintenance, one of whose tasks this morning was tidying the shed interior.

This involved removing all contents in order to lay a clutch of doormats bought from the Efford Recycling Centre a couple of years ago;

then replacing them in good order.

The hardy pink rose that has weathered the recent storms has now reached her full maturity.

Elizabeth had driven off to Pilley this morning for the next stage of unpacking in her new house. After lunch Jackie and I delivered more of her equipment. Friends Paul and Cathy were also in attendance.

On reaching the village green at neighbouring Portmore we noticed a group of residents decorating the tree.

Naturally I ambled over and investigated. Very friendly community members were continuing a tradition begun about six years ago. The idea was the creation of a focal point for meeting and getting to know each other over mulled wine which was to follow.

The young woman under this splendid hat was my informant.

The fact that four of the people present, including this gentleman and his companion perched on the ladder entering into the spirit of things, were recent incomers who hadn’t met their neighbours rather made the point.

The usual donkeys wandered along the gloom of Norleywood Road,

pausing to try their luck with attentive visitors.

Others preferred the certainty of prickly gorse.

Jacqueline being with Mum, Elizabeth joined us again this evening. Pannage Pork, we are told, especially the crackling, tastes particularly good, so, trying not to imagine I might have photographed our particular meal snuffling among the acorns, we bought some, and Jackie cooked it this evening. It was, indeed, particularly good; served as it was with potatoes au gratin; roast butternut squash; Yorkshire pudding; crisp carrots; tender runner beans; and tasty gravy. My wife drank Hoegaarden while my sister and I both drank Western Cape Malbec 2018.


  1. That looks very like a bush hat such as is manufactured by Barmah. I bought one similar on a visit to NT. I love how everyone is enjoying the outdoors even though they have to “rug up”.

  2. What a lovely tradition and way to meet neighbors. I’d suggest if for our village except we have some many Christmas traditions already and a village tree I doubt they’d go for it. And, of course, everyone knows everyone and half the darned village is related by blood or marriage.

  3. Those donkeys are so pretty! I think I’m beginning to like donkeys even more than owls! The village ‘tradition’ is a wonderful initiative, so many live in isolation nowadays don’t they and being on good terms with your neighbours is something to be cultivated.

  4. I wish my shed looked that tidy, but I am way behind on maintenance and winterizing this year.
    That is a beautiful late season rose! Another aunt of mine loved pink roses. She named one of her favorite rosebushes ‘Pink Parfait”.

  5. The heartwarming preparation of the deck for the communion of neighbours has been captured well through the storytelling shots. Otherwise, we have turned into mere things vying to flicker on the Internet.

  6. Decorating a dingy day AND donkeys! Delightful!!! πŸ™‚
    Love the decorating! We have people in our community who do the same in decorating the trees and big bushes. I have given them some decorations to keep and use, but I haven’t had a Dec where I could help yet.
    Those sweet donkey faces make me so happy! πŸ™‚
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

  7. That one rose is Stoic – and beautiful. πŸ˜‰
    Love the shots of the Donkeys!
    I’m still looking for the Dinghy??? πŸ˜‰

  8. That Christmas tree idea is great! More communities should do that – including mine!
    One day, when she’s ready, we’ll want to see how Elizabeth’s house turns out.

  9. I like the pictures with the donkeys.
    I hope you will show us the decoration of the garden when everything is finished.
    ps; what is your facebook, I would like to add you? Mine is Yoshimiparis Delalande

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