Decorating A Dingy Day

Intermittent sunshine sparkled on the drizzle of an increasingly rainy day. This was just as well for Aaron of A.P. Maintenance, one of whose tasks this morning was tidying the shed interior. This involved removing all contents in order to lay a clutch of doormats bought from the Efford Recycling Centre a couple of yearsContinue reading “Decorating A Dingy Day”

Empress Of The Senses

Winds had subsided overnight and sunshine has returned. Another very strong storm is predicted for tomorrow. In the meantime the pink rose stays erect and the Japanese maple leaves cling to their moorings. This morning I finished reading: The front jacket shows the French icon of the demi-monde as a young woman. On the backContinue reading “Empress Of The Senses”

Keeping Their Heads Down

Gusts from the recent storms still swept the garden today. The plastic cover wrapping the garden chairs was sucked in and out like bellows. We did our best to loosen yet still implement the rope ties applied yesterday. The pink rose seen in the background swayed to and fro; as did all the trees. TheContinue reading “Keeping Their Heads Down”