Continuing Pages Tutorial

Today I brightened an otherwise dull day with more work on ‘A Knight’s Tale’

Material was gleaned from ‘Fair Isle’, which contains this photograph of Chris, Jacqueline and me, and from ‘Death Of The Brown Velvet Suit’.

Becky continued her Pages tutorial. I do hope I can remember some of it. She left me some notes before she and Ian returned home to Southbourne.

My cousin, Yvonne, sent me a very useful supplement to the Jack and Holly Riskit story, which I have added to the ‘Holly’ post: (This message received from my cousin, Yvonne clarifies the point, with some important additional information: ‚ÄòHolly had 2 children before they came to England and they both died. Aunty Ivy was born here but Holly disappeared (presume died but can‚Äôt find) not long after. Betty was his second wife. They bought my Dad an engraved christening cup in 1921. I still have it. I also have a pic of Jack, Holly and Betty. Apparently he got hurt at some stage and bought a small theatre which he eventually had to sell before he died. I don‚Äôt have immediately to hand but have pics. Best wishes for the¬†New Year¬†to you all‚Ķ.Yvonne)

Jackie and I dined on Mr. Chan’s choice Hordle Chinese Take Away, with which the resting Culinary Queen drank Just The Juice Soave 2017 and I finished the Chateauneuf-du-Pape.


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