Where Else?

A small triangular bed separates our land from that of the care home next door on Downton Lane. Concrete blocks and bricks have so far failed to deter their visitors from driving across this strip. This year, Jackie’s plantings of daffodils and primulas seem to have done the trick. There will be tulips to follow.

I have not ventured down this end of the back drive since my surgery. One of the benefits of driving to Milford on Sea is that we pass this display.

The purpose of our journey was to keep an emergency appointment with Dr Neil Moody-Jones at the GP surgery. As indicated yesterday, I had been unable to shake off what I had thought to be a virus. A thorough examination resulted in suspected diverticulitis – a consequence of constipation from codeine based medication.

Where else could one expect to be given an emergency appointment on the morning of the phone call, and walk out of the surgery with a prescription which was immediately translated to antibiotics at the pharmacy next door?

This evening I felt slightly better than last night. My choice of sick room dinner was scrambled egg and baked beans. Jackie had toast with hers.


  1. As long as you are taking painkillers, you will probably suffer from constipation. Eat lots of fruit, especially dates and figs. Try high fibre bread with a fibre figure of at least five, preferably seven or more. Meat will make you worse and so will anything without lots of fibre in it.

  2. Jackie’s daffodil solution is beautiful, Derrick! Glad that works.

    I hope you will be feeling better soon, and be up and about. πŸ™‚

  3. It’s fortunate you were able to see someone so quickly, Derrick. I hope you’re feeling better soon. I hope the sight of daffodils cheered you up. I enjoyed seeing yours. We have a few that are beginning to poke their way out of the ground–which today is covered in snow.

  4. It’s good that you’re feeling a bit better. It can take some time to sort things out when side-effects make their appearance. I’d say those flowers as a traffic deterrent are perfect. They may provide a side effect or two of their own — perhaps someone will take not of them, and smile.

  5. At least you now know what’s wrong. I dare say that’s gone quite a long way toward helping you feel better. Hopefully the antibiotics will work quickly. Along with some other (unsolicited) advice above, I’ll just say “live yoghurt”. πŸ™‚ Hope you feel better soon. And – those daffs are lovely. What a great idea.

  6. I’ve been down that road with the complications from painkillers. Doctor’s need to tell their patients they need to take stool softeners while on those drugs. Sorry if that’s TMI, but I found out the hard way…it was horrible. I hope you feel better soon, Derrick xo

  7. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better. Those codeine based medications can be tricky. Drink lots of juice and water. Sending healing energy.

  8. Oh, I’m so glad you know now what has been going on…and you have my prayers and best wishes to get well soon!
    Your dinner sounds like a good meal for your tummy and ’tis comforting food.
    Jackie’s flowers are so cheery and summer-sunshine-y! πŸ™‚

  9. Sorry to hear the additional bad news – if i’m not wrong that’s the 3rd of your scheduled bad news trifecta? (Although i suppose really your knee operation was ‘good’ news?) πŸ˜‰

    Hope the anti-b’s do the trick and you’re soon enjoying long walks.

    Seems there are 2 distinctly separate diets for initially treating diverticulitis and ensuring you don’t get a recurrence. Don’t confuse the two!

    Has the Doc booked you in for any scans?

    Love Jackie’s car problem solution – A beautiful display! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks very much, Bob. Actually the diverticulitis is a repetition of what happened with the last knee replacement. Obviously compounded by my other symptoms. He is a very thorough GP and he didn’t suggest any scans.

      1. If you’ve had it before then it’s likely to be the same thing – the diverticula do not go away, they hopefully just don’t get inflamed (very often!) . The scan is just usually done once to confirm. πŸ™‚

  10. I’m sorry to hear that your recovery has been a bit complicated, Derrick, but glad that you’re feeling a little better. And the power of flowers! That was a great way to save that little divider, and beautiful.

  11. Derrick, I’m happy that you’ve learned the cause of your recent malaise. Unfortunately, our pain relief medications do come with undesirable side effects.

    Love the bed of daffodils πŸ™‚

  12. Jackie has the best ideas! I hope they continue to work as a deterrent.
    Continued best wishes for a speedy recovery. I will also recommend lots and lots of water. My husband had a bad reaction to codeine as well, though it doesn’t appear to affect me.

  13. Ohhh, I had that a few times … it’s NOT fun! … usually when I’ve been on opiate-based painkillers, which is why I avoid them if at all possible these days. May your bowel flow freely as soon as possible.
    Love the daffs. Great solution by the Head Gardener! πŸ™‚

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