On The Steps

Yesterday I had a lengthy telephone conversation with Emily and Alice who are compiling not only a slideshow of their father, but also an extensive eulogy calling upon a wide array of memories, both from their own lifetimes and from Michael’s earlier days. Their recollections of my house in Sigoules had me searching for this image of us all seated on the steps of No 6, rue Saint Jacques in the summer of 2009. I found it in Elizabeth’s collection ‘Derrick Through The Ages’, produced for my 70th birthday party. This lovely photograph is one of hers.

Looked on by Alice, Oliver caresses PO, the dog from a neighbouring farm adopted by the children. Alice sits on the other side of her Dad.

Otherwise today I preserved my energy for tomorrow’s funeral. Elizabeth, who will be driving me to Oxsted in the morning, made a brief visit to find out how I was.

Later, Jackie and I dined on Hordle Chinese Take Away’s excellent fare.


  1. Another lovely photo Derrick, will be thinking about you, Michael and the rest of your family tomorrow x

  2. My thoughts will of course stay with you and Jackie, Michael and the rest of the family tomorrow Derrick. I’m sure the gathering will be both painfilled and beautiful. I hope it will bring you some solace. xo

  3. The funeral will be over by the time you read my comment, but the wonderful memories surrounding his life and loss will go on. My thoughts are with you and all the family.

  4. “So long as men can breathe and eyes can see, so long lives this and this gives life to thee”

  5. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers, Derrick. Your whole family, too.
    I will especially have you all on my mind and in my heart tomorrow.
    The girls have done something so special…and it will truly be a day to celebrate Michael and his life.
    (((HUGS))) and <3 , too.

  6. May the love of family and friends and the joy of shared memories see you through this difficult day, Derrick. I pray you have the faith to believe this is not “all there is,” and we will see our loved ones again in Eternity.

  7. You, Jackie and the family are in my thoughts and prayers, Derrick. It is wonderful you have family that is close and can help each other.

  8. I am sure the funeral was a meaningful and beautiful celebration of Michael’s life. Many tears and later a few smiles. He will remain in your hearts forever. This evening my thoughts are with you. .

  9. What a wonderful family photo. I think that one needs to go into a frame, and not back into the archives as it radiates happiness/joy.

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