Happy Birthday, Louisa

Thirty years ago today we enjoyed Louisa’s seventh birthday party at Lindum House. Today I completed the scanning of photographs taken on that day.

These are from a mix of colour negatives and prints, because I have still not found all the negatives. The prints were made commercially and therefore suffer from a little cropping as is common from such sources.

Kate, our teenaged emcee, organised a variety of active games which all put their hands up for.

The day was warm and sunny enough for Jessica to organise the important business of scoffing at the kitchen table taken out to the lawn.

This is your Birthday Card, Louisa.

Lots of love, from Dad XX


  1. Aw, I cannot think of a better present than my daddy writing such a post. What wonderful memories! I have never seen flowers on the table at a children’s birthday party. What a lovely touch. And is that castle a cake?

    Happy birthday to Louisa!

  2. Happy Birthday, Louisa! What a wonderful day of celebration, good memories made, and beautiful photos to enjoy 30 years later! You’re a great dad, Derrick!
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

  3. Happy birthday to Louisa! Looks as though it was a lovely party on a beautiful day. I especially like the shot of everyone sitting at the table.

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