Encounter With Robin Hood

I spent the afternoon listening to the men’s Cricket World Cup match between West Indies and Bangladesh while scanning a set of prints from a trip to Sherwood Forest on 31st October 1999.

Jessica was a great fungi forager. I think she must have been carrying her trug for the purpose.

Emily enjoyed exploring the forest and its tree forms;

Until a later encounter Oliver was largely satisfied with his own bow and arrow.

He clutched them as Jessica helped him into a tree cave.

Bright sunshine set the forest alight.

Louisa took a turn at carrying Alice in a sling.

Here she leads the group with Michael.

Following Heidi, I also carried the sling for a while.

Different groupings wandered freely.

Here Michael and Emily take the lead.

Eventually the speculation about whether or not we would meet Robin Hood was satisfied by a lone archer whose bows Oliver was allowed to grasp.

Finally we met a cow masquerading as a tree trunk.

This evening we dined on toothsome Tai Fish cakes; creamy potatoes, butternut squash, and swede mash medley; crunchy carrots; tender runner beans; and succulent ratatouille, with which Jackie drank Blue Moon and I drank more of the Galodoro.


  1. This is a beautiful collection of photos recalling a happy extended family outing. I love how you all took turns ‘carrying the sling’ and clearly back in the day when you could still shimmy up a tree πŸ™‚

  2. Wonderful photos, Derrick. How fortunate that you have these to remind you of these family outings–as well as the unusual sights, such as a
    “cow masquerading as a tree trunk” πŸ™‚

  3. Beautiful photos. People always look so purposeful in the woods. At least to me. And that dude certainly DID look like a modern Robin Hood. Must have been thrilling–and he had a quiver full of arrows it looks like.

  4. Absolutely Brilliant. And Maid Marian was a treasured find no doubt. The forest is so different from your New Forest and completely different from any forest I have ever been in.

  5. Those are priceless pictures of an enchanted wood. They must be triggers to swamp the foragers of the jungle with powerful desires and memories. Jessica and the elk seem to be home and content. Mr Robin Hood looks every bit the legend he is said to be representing. Now who is that dog?

  6. Beautiful faces, sweet smiles, and good memories made! Nothing quite like a day exploring in any woods…But, Sherwood Forest! Wow! πŸ™‚
    And what a cute cow face in the tree! Magical for sure!
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

  7. Young Emily makes for a great Maid Marion! πŸ™‚ And you and ‘Robin’ look like you could be related. πŸ™‚

    That is a beautiful portrait of Louisa!

    Seems like it was a near perfect day.

  8. I’d love to both know enough and be confident enough to forage for fungi. I’m impressed that Jessica could.

    The photos of Emily remind me of when my daughter was young enough to wear long dresses and take delight in the woods!

  9. Jungles have many things for those who want to find out. Your photographs reveal it all – your inquisitive mind and artistic instinct. Thanks sharing Derrick sir.

  10. Lovely photos, and your posts have a lovely relaxed feel to them that I really enjoy ? Its like taking a little holiday for a few minutes ?

      1. That is certainly how it comes across. Looks idyllic. Love the garden photos on your other posts. They look like our New Zealand gardens ?

  11. I thought that I had seen this before and the comments confirm it but really good to see it again. What a wonderful family day out!

    Interesting that I could see these pictures in good format even on my PC!

    1. Thanks very much, Andrew. That post has not been treated in the same way as others. However this comment of yours went into Spam. That will not have been the fault of your pc.

  12. Derrick these photos are great! What a lovely day. I stumbled over here from Andrew’s post on the same topic. I’m so glad to see your family here, and maybe even the real Robin Hood himself. πŸ™‚

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