On The Lake Bed

Jackie’s labels for her Paths and Beds occasionally need refurbishing.

Yesterday she renewed this one, demonstrating that the bed is named for the tree.

The storms of the last couple of days left the paths covered in debris. Today the Head Gardener swept and cleared them.

This kept swivel-headed Nugget well supplied with fleeing insects, quick as an arrow, to dart at.

This afternoon we visited Annie and Derek at Barton on Sea, where we enjoyed the, cakes, and wide ranging stimulating conversation.

After this we took a brief drive into the forest to make use of the early evening light.

Having noticed a pair of ponies lurking in the shadows thrown across

the virtually dry bed of the old quarry lake in Pilley

I gingerly made my way down there to join them.

A grey up on the road clattered over the tarmac and

thudded down the bank in my direction.

I took evasive action as it joined its grazing cousins.

A pair of spectral equines appeared atop the opposite bank.

This evening, from trays on our laps, we dined on pepperoni pizza, marinaded chicken and plentiful fresh salad accompanied by Blue Moon in Jackie’s case and the last of the Bergerac in mine; while we watched the highlights of the first day of the first Ashes Test match between England and Australia.


  1. The Head Gardener and her apprentice Little Nugget are busy as bees! Good work being done! I love how Jackie labels the garden! πŸ™‚

    Yay for cake and conversation! Sweet! πŸ™‚

    I think The Grey wanted you to get some close-up portraits! πŸ˜‰

    The last two photos…the two B&W photos of the horses…are so beautiful!!! πŸ™‚
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚ for you and Jackie!
    BUGS!!! for Little Nugget!

  2. Those last two black and white photos of the ponies brought to mind the cave drawings of Lascaux. They have a bit of a prehistoric — or ahistoric — feel to them. They’re quite wonderful.

  3. Your photography just keeps getting better and better, Derrick. I love the pair of ponies lurking in the shadows … Wish I could copy that photo and put it on my Facebook cover photo and tell all my friends to follow your blog. It’s delightful. I would like to have been there to share in your pepperoni pizza, marinaded chicken and plentiful fresh salad accompanied by Blue Moon. Mmmm …. sounds delightful!! <3

  4. Re Cricket. It’s a good thing we let Smith back i’n’it? But The single spectral equine needs to be saved – a quite amazing photograph!

    1. Thanks very much, Paol. I noticed the ghosts approaching and lined up my lens in the gap. Certainly a great knock from Sneaky Steve. I think everyone has forgotten about Atherton’s pocket of dirt.

    1. Yes! I must get him a birdhouse, you are quite right Uma. I will put my mind to it. He will be looking for a mate next spring.

  5. Wonderful sets of photographs again Sir. I concur with your comenters as to the quality of the ‘Spectral’ ponies! Little Nugget is absolutely beautiful and your photos of him keep on improving – i don’t think i could tire of seeing more.

    While i’m disappointed at the quality of our ‘top’ order batsmen, (Smith excepted) i was even more disappointed with the appallingly bad umpiring decisions made yesterday. They do not deserve to be first class umpires after those howlers. Whatever happened to ‘benefit of the doubt’?

  6. Fabulous photos, especially the two spectral equines. And what could be better than friends, cake, and wide-ranging conversation? As we would say in Maine, sounds like a finest kind of day.

  7. It’s so cool that Nugget has realized he is among friends and that he knows how to use your activity to his benefit. I think that’s “survival of the fittest” at work.

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