From Dawn To Sunset

Dawn came knocking early this morning just giving me time to grab my dressing gown and hasten downstairs for my camera.

I was permitted a very few minutes in which to photograph her delights

before her soft pinks and magenta blushes succumbed to deep indigo blues.

silhouetting the oscillating tresses of the Weeping Birch.

Late this afternoon it was touch and go whether the cloud blanket would be lifted enough for us to view more rosy tints.

Hope was revealed along Lymington Road en route to Highcliffe

where pink fingers traced their way between the cloud blankets;

a spaniel tugged at its lead on the promenade;

and Jackie photographed the photographer while sun still lit the bench.

As we left Highcliffe the house and street lighting was strung across the bay.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s piquant cauliflower cheese; flavoursome fish pie; sautéed leeks; and bright orange crunchy carrots, with which she drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Saint-Chinian.


  1. These are beautifully atmospheric photographs and I thoroughly enjoy your descriptions e.g. “where pink fingers traced their way between the cloud blankets”

  2. Derrick..I have to say, with all due respect and honesty, that your pics seem to improve, if that is possible! SUPERB work, carry on!

  3. Very clever of you Derrick… I don’t get to see many dawns these days, my body is finally learning how to sleep in and get the rest my system requires….. excellent photos mate…

  4. Oh, gosh! I gotta’ admit, your photos of the dawn and of the sunset brought tears to my eyes! They are such beautiful captures, Derrick! The colors are breath-taking! And your words add to the joy! 🙂
    OH! Jackie’s photos of you should be framed, hung on the wall, and treasured! 🙂 It’s you in your element!
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…“Through the blackest night, morning gently tiptoes, feeling its way to dawn.” – Robert Breault
    “Life is all about enjoying every sunset and looking forward for the next sunrise.” – Unknown

  5. I have always loved November skies. Such drama, as your photos so beautifully demonstrate. The sea image with the island in it makes me think of a novel I read as a teen called “Moonfleet”. Not sure why, except perhaps a gothic feeling that I vaguely recall. Must reread that book. My reread list is getting longer than my “to read” list.

  6. What a glorious start to the day and a very tasty evening meal too. The WP spell check ‘corrections’ of the latter made me smile – the idea of sautéeing leaks, presumably down to small, sizzly balls…

  7. Those are photos that pull in immediately. The Walker’s on the promenade in half light may be mistaken for a classic painting. You look every bit the shooter you are in the last two images.

  8. My better half and I always check the sunsets and sunrises. Some are ordinary, but there are days – no one would believe it and pictures never do them justice!

  9. Oh, these are magnificent! Isn’t is a wonder that no matter how many times we’ve seen dawn and sunset skies, they always thrill us as if for the first time?

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