Quiz Of The Year 2019

Today we hosted a larger family party which has become traditional. Our current household was expanded by Shelly, Ron, Neil, Donna, Jane, Chris, Anthony, Helen, David, and Jenny. Elizabeth, Danni, and Ella looked in for a short while later on.

People gathered and imbibed soon after two;

progressed to one Jackie’s splendid salad lunches here sampled by Neil;

spent enjoyable time in animated conversation as between Donna, Jane, and Ian;

and Matthew and Ron.

I managed to make a few portraits including of Jane,






and Shelly.

The seriously yet hilariously competitive business of Ian’s quiz of the year occupied much of the afternoon until early evening gorging on Jackie’s delicious chicken curry and/or beef in red wine. After feasting we continued with the quiz which ended with a nail-biting finish in which the men beat the women by one point.


  1. YAY, men! 😉 😀

    What sweet smiles made up your beautiful Christmas! And Jackie’s food-feast sounds o delicious! 🙂 Good-memories made for each and every person! 🙂

    HUGS for all and to all a Good-Night! 🙂

          1. No, I was just sharing inappropriately really. And not terribly well by the looks…… My daughters’ father (my ex) passed unexpectedly, though he was unwell so not totally unexpected, just sooner than we all thought. Getting everyone back to where they needed to be as soon as possible over the Christmas break is never straight forward. But we are all where we need to be now 🙂 I’m just reading your current post, but may be absent for a couple of days after.

    1. We did. I was still wearing mine as I wrote my post. Becky had though to photograph me and put it on a comment. She didn’t actually do it. Thanks very much, Andrew

  2. I was glad to click on this and find Ian’s picture at the top. He certainly was the most animated one as I viewed this post on my cell phone initially … and even more so when viewed on the computer in an almost life-sized version. He looks like he could keep a party going into the wee hours! That’s quite a delightful family you have there, Derrick! <3

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