Lunch At Steff’s Kitchen

Late this morning Jackie drove us to Fairweather’s Garden Centre in Beaulieu where we met Danni, Andy, Ella, and Elizabeth for lunch in Steff’s Kitchen.

The various trees in pools on the road from Brockenhurst were thoroughly irrigated.

Beaulieu Lake was also very full, to the satisfaction of the numerous swans.

Ella enjoyed playing games with her Dad, in particular practising her pointing,

which she also did with me.

We exchanged Christmas presents which, had we been well enough, was planned to have taken place on New Year’s Day. Later, Danni e-mailed photographs of our great niece playing with the one we had given her. I will publish those tomorrow.

Even when Ella had pinched a chip from Andy she worked hard to place it in her bowl before eating it.

Elizabeth and I both chose roast beef dinners; Jackie selected soup and a sandwich; Andy chose something and chips;

Danni enjoyed a potato tortilla.

Ginormous cakes, carrot for Danni,

and Victoria sponge for Jackie, needed to be shared out a bit.

Danni gave Elizabeth a taste of hers,

some of which found its way to Ella’s cheeks.

I was treated to more of this, and to half of Jackie’s.

After a tour round the well stocked shop we all drove to Elizabeth’s for another hour or so of enjoyable conversation.

As we drove along Lyndhurst Road out of Beaulieu,

a bright sun was making determined efforts to climb above scudding clouds.

There are a considerable number of Shetland ponies about at the moment. I counted eighteen along Pilley Street grazing n the green.

As I wandered among them, they took to the road

in order to sample fresh fodder further along.

It was close to sunset when we arrived home, so we drove on to

Barton on Sea to witness it.

This evening we dined on sandwiches and salad. Mine was ham and Jackie’s was peanut butter.




  1. You closed with beautiful sunset photos today Derrick – but it was also a treat to see all those little ponies who are so very cute, who cares if they smell a bit and hold up traffic….. And Ella of course who is the most beautiful of all <3

  2. I just love all these photos, Derrick. The tree ones and the beach at sunset are my favorites – or maybe the ponies, which I am partial to. Ella is so adorable. Loved seeing her try all that good food.

      1. Never heard anyone object to the texture of peanut butter sandwiches, but if they don’t appeal to you, there is certainly no reason why you should eat them.

  3. Ella is adorable. So interesting to see babies demonstrate their logic..i.e. the chip in the bowl. Those sunset silhouettes are beautiful..particularly the one with the netting.

  4. While all of these pictures have been interesting, I particularly enjoy the third last one where the configuration of the clouds echoes an earlier one of silhouetted people walking.

      1. You’re welcome, Derrick. I’m pleased to be back in the WordPress world and it’s lovely catching up with everyone again. We are all well, thank you – the boys are heading off to university now to become computer scientists. I will miss them being right on hand to help me with any computer issues! But we live in a very connected world these days, so I’m sure help won’t be far away ?

  5. What a lovely day from sunrise to sunset!
    And Ella is THE most beautiful of everything, and everyone, you photographed! She deserves to be the center of attention!
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

  6. Amazing outdoor photos, Derrick. Loved the ponies and the sunset and the blue skies and clouds with the trees reaching their arms to the sky.

    And always a treat to see Ella and her beautiful family.

  7. What a nice gathering, and Ella points nicely. Those ponies looked particularly attractive to me this time, maybe because they dried out a little, ha ha! Gorgeous sunset. I’m glad you got to the sea in time to watch it.

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